Paul McCartney is officially a Swiftie after being caught dancing to Taylor Swift at Wembley

Paul MCCARTNEYattended Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras ​​Tour’ show at Wembley, where she danced with the American blonde’s fans. Several videos of Macca dancing with Swifties circulated on the networks, where many fans commented with surprise “You go to the Swift concert and McCartney passes in front of you”

How many music stars have gone to see Taylor Swift in London?

On the London night of June 23, Taylor Swift performed the third of her eight shows programmed in the Wembley Stadium. Several celebrities were present at the third concert of the “Love Story” singer, the last on this catwalk that has lasted for a few weeks. It was Paul McCartney, who delighted with his dance steps with some Swifties, as well as in the exchange of bracelets .

Celebrities at Taylor Swift concerts

  • Travis Kelce
  • Tom Cruise
  • Ashton Kutcher
  • Mila Kunis
  • Sophie Turner
  • Hugh grant
  • Greta Gerwig

Was Paul McCartney at Taylor Swift’s concert in London?

An excited admirer gave Sir Paul McCartney a friendship bracelet as he joined the thousands of attendees at the third show of the “Eras Tour” by Taylor Swift at Wembley Stadium.

Paul McCartney has the time of his life dancing to “But Daddy I Love Him” ​​while Taylor Swift performs live at today’s show!

Attendee at Taylor Swift’s concert in London, on her X account

The music legend, 82, was filmed participating in the tour’s now-legendary tradition while heading to the VIP area. Macca exchanged friendship bracelets and danced with some Swift fans while walking court level in Wembley.

Paul McCartney dancing to Taylor Swift

The concerts of Taylor Swift have become a publicity window for both the American as for other celebrities, but this does not take away the happy side when experiencing a show like this. Imagine waiting for the start of the recital and suddenly seeing Paul McCartney walking, then dancing, exchanging bracelets, in front of you. The emotion would be like that of the person who posted in X:

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