The heartbreaking message from Ricardo Iorio’s daughter on the day her father would have turned 62

Ricardo Iorio He would have turned 62 this Tuesday, June 25. Less than a year after her death, her eldest daughter Daiana dedicated some emotional words to her in her social networkswhere he remembered the father of national heavy metal, founder and leader of the metal bands V8, Hermética and Almafuerte.

“The difficult dates, which excavate years of life lived. Over 36 years I saw you fight a lot. That prepared me. What is a man without faith? Is there any treasure that is worth anything, if it is from this world? Yes , exists. The little treasures”, he began by expressing.

“June 25 several years ago was a reason to commemorate heavy metal, and I accompany it; also a day when friends get together to listen to you and remember moments in the shelter of a barbecue; also a day that will give rise to a special feeling in many throughout throughout the country and in other payments as well. I’ll stick with this: the reply, he added.

Daiana’s post in her Instagram account. Source: @daianaiorio.

“I saw you feed the hungry, pay for operations, awaken purpose in the hopeless, give books to the illiterate, vision to the everyday, you helped friends start businesses, you formed couples, you predicted the births of their children, and a book could be made only of the people you took to their homes or jobs on the road. Just as you took care of spreading hidden and forgotten artists, it was always necessary to do the same with you. But this relevance, so significant, is drowned in possession”, Iorio’s daughter continued.

Ricardo Iorio with his daughter Daiana.

“If we don’t take that piece of life that we experience and transmit it to another, it will die out. Held in our hands to hold it, it will suffocate. Music as the perfect vehicle, national sentiment as the true message, generosity as a way of life. Giving is not losing, it is harvesting,” he commented in another part of the publication.

“It would be strange if someone who loved you didn’t understand it that way,” Daiana concluded.

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