Rebote FM celebrates 10 years in San Adrián

Rebote FM celebrates 10 years in San Adrián
Rebote FM celebrates 10 years in San Adrián

Rebote FM celebrates 10 years in San AdriánMaria San Gil

That radio is more alive than ever is clearly demonstrated in Saint Adrianand it is there, from ten years agobroadcasts 24 hours a day, every day of the year, Rebote FM radio stationas told by two of the people who promoted it and who dedicate their time and effort to it, Olga Salvador and Javier Muro.

It was in the autumn of 2014 when they joined forces and began this journey that, if you look back, could even go back to the 80s. And it was at that time that 21 people with the same hobbies and concerns joined together in what was Radio San Adrian, which disappeared.

Agustín García, they insist, “called us a decade ago and proposed that we take up this topic again. We started with six people and, gradually, we have been growing until reaching 50; ten of us are active components and the rest are collaborators who contribute their programs weekly.” Thus, and thanks to the frequency assigned to the City Council, they broadcast on the 107.7 from the third floor of the cultural center and under the motto We are your radio, a radio without labels. Coverage reaches about 30 kilometers around, but, thanks to the streamingyou can listen to them from anywhere in the world. Now, in addition, everything they do is recorded on video and uploaded to their social networks.

The beginnings

The start, they remember, was expensive because It took them a while to find a place“but afterwards, everything was an illusion, so nothing seemed difficult to us. Of course, We came from analoguefrom putting on vinyl and records, and we moved on to audio files and computers. We had to get up to speed technologically speaking”. In addition, the facilities, with a main live studio, a secondary studio for recording and the fish tank, were set up thanks to the support of entities such as Navarrico, LiberGrafic and Caja RuralAlthough they are up to date, they do not rule out continuing to implement improvements.

Interview at Rebote FM studios

At first, music was the main theme “and there was no fixed order of programming. Afterwards we did set a schedule content grid to retain the audience.” In addition to the live programs in the format radio formulaFor the recordings they send them, they say that “we have been looking for people who make programs that we thought could be suitable for our station, we ask their permission to download them and, from there, they send us something every week. In the mornings we broadcast easy, pleasant music, somewhat more classical, and in the afternoons and evenings, more indie music and emerging groups, as well as programs that deal with books, cinema or jazz, and always trying to change and innovate.”

Collage with some of the components of Rebote FM

With an Adrian theme, they explain that they usually interviewing actors and actresses that will pass through the cultural center, touch on the sports aspect and They speak with entities, associations or neighbors who have something relevant to say. In addition, last year and on the occasion of the elections, they spoke with all the candidates for mayor “and it was something that was very successful.” They are also the spokesperson for the events that are going to be held in the municipality and They have no commercial advertising.

The radio, on the street

Also They have taken the station out onto the street to give it visibility and for people to see how live radio is made. With the school’s children they had a workshop in which the students went to the studio and recorded advertising spots and interviews and, afterwards, the members of Rebote FM came to the school. In addition, during festivals they hold a radio vermouth in Muerza Square.

Radio workshop with the students of the Adrianés school

In fact, and to celebrate this anniversary, they have requested permission from the City Council to celebrate an event on July 13th in the Plaza de la Humedad; an event in which they will play live music for four hours to serve as an approach to youth. And it is that, “We would like to see some relief and that young people came; ideas, voices and new blood.”

Stay at the forefront

The radio industry, they say, “has changed completely in recent years, but we still listen to it. We are here because we like it; we don’t get paid and it’s not our job.” We are fans and it is something that makes us feel alive and active.”.

Although they are satisfied with the quality they offer, possible improvements would include power take out the broadcast antennawhich is now in the upper part of the town centre, and take it up the mountain to have more coverage, as well as doing a 10-minute news block every day, “but it is very expensive.” And according to these two Adrianes, “radio will endure; formats and ways of doing things will change, but that is why we hope to always be there, in the breach and not to be left behind”.

Supported and loved, they claim that “the most ungrateful thing is destructive criticism” but, leaving that aside, they are left with “the satisfaction of give the people a tool that not all municipalities have.” Both Adrianeses are grateful for the seed planted four decades ago by Beltrán Monasterio and Tomás León, and highlight the support “of all the people of the town.”

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