Do you agree? These are the 5 best Freddie Mercury songs, according to Artificial Intelligence

We asked ChatGPT for a list of the musician’s most iconic songs and this is what he responded with.

It was 53 years since the first time that the Queen band performed live and despite the years, it has never stopped being on everyone’s lips. The band is back on everyone’s lips because Freddie Mercury’s widow, Mary Austin, is about to receive an impressive sum of money after the sale of Queen’s catalogue for approximately USD 1.2 billion dollars.

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The truth is that every time the singer is mentioned, fans listen to his greatest classics over and over again. In this sense, we consulted ChatGPT for the best songs and this is what they answered.


What are Freddie Mercury’s best songs, according to AI?

To create the list, the AI ​​took into account the popularity of the songs, the money they made, and the number of plays over the years:

Bohemian Rhapsody

An epic masterpiece from Queen that combines rock, opera and ballad in one song.

Embed – Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (Official Video Remastered)

Somebody to Love

An iconic song that stands out for the emotionality of Freddie’s voice and his powerful performance.

Don’t Stop Me Now

An anthem of energy and positivity, with an infectious melody and optimistic lyrics.

We Are the Champions

An anthem of victory and perseverance, widely recognized and used at sporting events and celebrations.

Under Pressure (con David Bowie)

A memorable collaboration that combines the voices of Freddie Mercury and David Bowie in a song with a profound message and an unforgettable melody.

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