The Francotirarock and the village festivals Vol. 2 – The Francotirarock

The Francotirarock and the village festivals Vol. 2 – The Francotirarock
The Francotirarock and the village festivals Vol. 2 – The Francotirarock

The beginning of summer is linked with starting to hear many people say that “This weekend I’m going to my town’s festivities…” And that’s why Clavero continues to investigate to find the craziest ones in our entire territory: “A country in which we have normalized that some Valencians spend all year building beautiful sculptures to then burn them and then, What Calatrava builds for them and falls apart, they don’t burn it!! Both the festivals and Calatrava are perfectly suited to the name… Fallas!

The first stop is in Berluches, Granada, to celebrate New Year’s Eve… in August?: “On December 31, 1994, the inhabitants were unable to celebrate the New Year due to a blackout… and they said, “Christmas in the summer, I’ve seen the Nativity scene and people are wearing flip-flops!”

There is also the festival of Cascamorras in Guadix and Baza, Granada, where Cascamorras is a clown who comes down every September 6th to steal the image of the Virgin of Mercy and the townspeople stop him by throwing black paint at it: “If Cascamorras steals the virgin, those from Baza will throw all the paint they have at him, because of course, they have no mercy.”


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