Katy Perry steps on the accelerator and announces ‘143’, her sixth studio album


There are things coming! There are very few days left until we can hear Woman’s worldthe next single from Katy Perryand the singer has announced by surprise this Wednesday the date of her sixth studio album 143.

Katy Perry has set out to return to music in a big way and leave us all with our mouths open.

The singer, who will release this Friday su single Woman’s worldhas taken advantage of the nerves and expectations of his fans to make a second announcement: the date and title of his new studio albumThis is the first project to be released in four years, taking into account that his previous album, Smilecame out in 2020.

His next album is called 143 and on the cover We can see her without clothes with light rings around his body, which gives more weight to the hypotheses that indicate that this new era will focus on the hyperpop o technopop futuristic in the style of Charlie XCX or Kim Petras. It will be released on September 20, so we will still have to wait until the end of summer to hear it.

The reaction of her fans could not have been better and social networks have been filled with enthusiastic messages asking for time to pass very quickly so they can enjoy the return of the interpreter of Roar.

The latest trailer for ‘Woman’s world’

This Tuesday, the 39-year-old singer shared a small fragment of his next singleWoman’s world with a outfit Inspired by the famous image of ‘Rosie the Riveter’, the woman lifting the biceps with a handkerchief in the head.

With a much more sensual look and with the American flag on her topKaty Perry ser marca a great choreography In the preview, she also appears with a bottle of alcohol and dressed as a mechanic. At the end of the images, in true artist style, an anvil falls on her.

We’ll be able to hear it very soon!

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