Katy Perry announces album, ‘143’, whose promo will not last three years, like the single’s

Before the project’s lead single sees the light of day tomorrow, Katy Perry has activated the pre-order from her new album, which has confirmed that the leaks she experienced months ago were real. We already knew the image on the cover, with her appearing from a spiral portal that simulates a heart, because ‘143‘ means ‘I love you’ in the digital language used in the nineties, when people depended on the ‘pagers‘, because each number symbolized the number of letters in each word.

Katy Perry pulls from nostalgia in the title of the album and not so much in the imagery of the format, which also has an alternative vinyl cover in which she appears surrounded by 3D circles, in a somewhat Mariah Carey which leaves her with one foot in photography and the other in oil illustration. Of course, knowing that the album will be released on September 20, at least we can confirm that the promo leading up to it will not be as long as that of the single.

Just because, ‘Woman’s World‘It’s finally being published tomorrow, but we’ve been talking about this topic since she published it. ‘One Of The Boys’. It’s just that we get the feeling that we heard the first teaser of the song before the name was changed. Hudson for him Perry. The promotional moment has seemed longer to us than any pregnancy of Rihanna.

The move is risky, because a lot of meat has been put on the grill of this issue and Katy Perry practically needsmore than wantsthat this turns out well. Because after several years of commercial ostracism, the artist has taken a chance with a song reminiscent of her glory days, wanting to check if the viralized tiktok Many of their hits respond to a taste for their 2010s sound. We will wait to hear the song and see the video, which also seems to be going to explode to the Katy that mixed sensuality and humor.

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