The before and after of Kanye West’s wife, Bianca Censori, is surprising

The before and after of Kanye West’s wife, Bianca Censori, is surprising
The before and after of Kanye West’s wife, Bianca Censori, is surprising

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Since her divorce with kim kardashian, Kanye West, has worked on giving love a chance again. Her fleeting relationship with Julia Fox was quite commented, but the name of Bianca Censori gained more strength, making it known that she would have been the woman who put the rapper back “his feet on the ground”. But above all that she became his wife.

Although it was not entirely related to the artistic world, Bianca He is an architect, and he is also a designer, for which he has had an approach with the artistic union thanks to his contributions to fashion. To also parade with the collection mowalolaby the designer Mowalola Ogunlesi, with whom the former de kim kardashian, Kanye West. However, her before and after is amazing.

In his first public appearances, Bianca Censori She appeared quite natural, with long, dark-colored hair.

Now Censori His hair is almost shaved and platinum, a look with which he has rarely been seen, since the exponent of hip hop and author of “Where” has convinced her so that he falls into his tendency to cover his head.

Of Bianca Censori very little is known. Beyond the fact that she is a professional in the area of ​​architecture, that she has approaches to fashion and that she would once again be appearing as a model, this time for the new shoe collection “yeezy”. Also that he lives with YES in his mansion near the Kimbut who is always in extreme privacy with the rapper.

As for her marriage to the rapper, it would have arisen after in 2020 they worked together on designs for a collection of Yeezy“. Although after that the interpreter dispensed with his services, the connection remained in force.

The details of their supposed wedding They have not been fully disclosed. The couple is said to have tied the knot in an intimate wedding last January. Also that it was not something legal, but symbolic.

Their honeymoon would have taken place in Amangiri, at Canyon Point, Utaha luxury-rated ranch that has 34 suites and a four-bedroom home in Mesa.

This news has generated endless comments, mostly critical, since Censori, 28 years old, would now be in charge of managing the finances of the author of “Donda”. This of course has gotten on the nerves of kim kardashianaccording to sources closely linked to the family in hollywood.

Bianca, YE’s new love, in a hot photo session

Who is supposedly the new wife of the controversial rapper Kanye Westthe architect and designer Bianca Censoriturned on social networks with a new photo session.

to the maximum style of yeezyalmost naked, with her short platinum hair, this is how the model also posed, wearing the shoes that she would be presenting in her new collection Kim Kardashian’s ex.

In the snapshot in which he appears triple, Bianca only covered her private parts with duct tape. Although the biggest attraction should be sock style bootswhich will present West in short, their poses have been the real point of concentration.

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