Why are yellow flowers given every September 21 and what do they mean?

Why are yellow flowers given every September 21 and what do they mean?
Why are yellow flowers given every September 21 and what do they mean?

From the first days of Septemberthousands of people took part in a trend developed on the Chinese social network TikTokin which the yellow flowers They are the protagonists.

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This trend consists of giving yellow flowers during the Spring daywhich is celebrated every year on September 21st. This practice has its origins in a comedy series broadcast during the early years of 2000, which had a great impact both in Argentina and in other Latin American countries.

The trend even became fashionable in European and Asian countriesgiven that It went viral quickly on TikTok and other social networks.

Spring Day: why yellow flowers are given as gifts

Everything arose with Floricientaa series released in 2004 that followed a young orphan who works as a salesperson, but ends up working as children’s entertainer. During an event, she makes a connection with a family, who offers her to be a caregiver for the little ones.

The trend comes from a song by Floricienta.

In this series the song “Yellow flowers“, in which a love story: “She knew that he knew | That one day it would happen | That he would come looking for her | With his yellow flowers.”

With the popularity that this song gained on TikTok, those who participate in this trend They maintain that yellow flowers should be given to loved onesespecially at couples.

Spring Day: other meanings of yellow flowers

A video published by a flower business on TikTok showed the different meanings of giving yellow flowers on this date. “Giving yellow flowers is related to happiness of livinghave optimism already the meeting of good energy“he details.

The clip, from the account @eterna_primaver_a, obtained more than 8 million views on the social network and added nearly 800,000 likes. On the other hand, he maintains that these flowers bring “abundance, happiness and good luck.”

Likewise, spring will not begin on September 21 as the date indicates, but will only do so on Saturday September 23. He Naval Hydrography Service (SHN) reported that the equinox and the official start of spring will occur that day around 4 am.

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