They call to promote vocational guidance in educational institutions in Guaimaro

Guáimaro, Nov 21.- Despite the vocational training implemented at the different levels of education, according to the needs of the municipality, the professional orientation of Guaimaro students does not respond to the labor demand of the territory, eminently agricultural.

The majority of pre-university students prefer university majors in the humanities area, while others, prioritized in the demarcation, such as Agronomy, Veterinary Medicine, Economics and Pedagogy, are not within the students’ interest.

The above reveals the need to enhance in educational institutions the process that helps in choosing a profession, preparing for it, access to its exercise, and subsequent evolution and progress.

This effort can be materialized through the exchange between professionals from the sectors in greatest demand and the new generations and, also, with the planning of visits to workplaces where a qualified workforce is needed.

Adults have the responsibility of guaranteeing a climate of love, respect, understanding and good customs within the home, as well as being active entities in the exchange with the school, a place where the child’s behavior is strengthened.

Within the educational training process, values ​​constitute an essential aspect for children; they allow them to affirm their identity and acquire a sense of honesty, patriotism, responsibility, respect and sincerity.

Another essential commitment of parents is to establish an adequate ethical and moral position in their children, for which their exemplary nature should be the best way to demonstrate how to behave in life.

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