The three clubs that want to sign Jordhy Thompson

After being formalized for attempted femicide and contempt, Jordhy Thompson was remanded in preventive detention for the duration of the investigation. However, after action by the defense, the Court of Appeals ordered the immediate release of the Colo Colo player, who spent ten days behind bars in the Santiago 1 prison.

The future of the footballer is not clear. Within the Cacique they have recognized that it is very difficult for him to continue in the institution and, in fact, it was Gustavo Quinteros himself who recognized that “It is difficult for him to train with us again. First, we will wait for what justice says with what happened in the last part. We are preparing for the games we have left, we are not very immersed in that issue.”

For his part, the president of Blanco y Negro, Alfredo Stöhwing, announced that “remained separated from the squad, he will not play for the rest of the year and it seems difficult for him to continue next year. It has to be seen formally in the next or subsequent board of directors.”

Thus, given the possibility that he will not continue in Macul’s team next year, there are already teams that have set their sights on the 19-year-old footballer. As revealed by Deportes 13, Deportes Iquique, Deportes Antofagasta and Curicó Unidos are following in the footsteps of Jordhy Thompson waiting for the season to end.

Jordhy Thompson is followed by three Chilean clubs. | Image: Guille Salazar/DaleAlbo.

The great condition of Colo Colo to send Jordhy Thompson on loan

Beyond the possible interest on the part of the aforementioned clubs, as mentioned in the media cited above, From Popular they do not welcome promoting another first division team. For the same reason, we will have to wait what happens at the end of the season, since Antofagasta are competing in the promotion league, while Curicó is fighting to avoid relegation to Primera B.

Another important point to take into consideration is that, if any operation is confirmed, The club that signs Thompson must pay 70% of his salary. which exceeds one million pesos.

In this way, we will have to wait to see what happens with the definition of promotion and relegation in Chilean soccer to know which club will try to sign the native of Antofagasta. The truth is that in the Cacique The decision seems practically made and it will be at the next Blanco y Negro board meeting, which is held on the last Wednesday of each month, that the decision will be made regarding what to do with Jordhy Thompson.

Until when does Jordhy Thompson have a contract in Colo Colo?

As DaleAlbo learned, there is an important part of the board that wants to make the decision to separate the player, however, there is a whole legal issue to resolve. This because Jordhy Thompson has a current contract with the Albos until December 2024. Therefore, upon separating him, he would have to receive the corresponding compensation.

What precautionary measures was Thompson left with after being released from preventive detention?

After being released, the Court of Appeals of Santiago ordered the precautionary measures to be modified. Thus, the court ruled that the Colo Colo player be left with night house arrest, national arraignment, signing fortnightly before the Public Ministry and the prohibition of approaching the victim.

The above is another important point when defining the player’s future. This because To look for a club where you can continue your career, it must necessarily be a Chilean team.ruining any intention to go abroad, a plan that was drawn up by those around him before it was denounced again.

Should Jordhy Thompson leave Colo Colo?

Should Jordhy Thompson leave Colo Colo?


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