Milei President | Together for Change is reconfigured in Congress: how many legislators will they have?

Milei President | Together for Change is reconfigured in Congress: how many legislators will they have?
Milei President | Together for Change is reconfigured in Congress: how many legislators will they have?

“Together for Change imploded,” said a source in that coalition. “Nothing is broken, reconfigure“said another. Anyway, the triumph of Javier Milei will mean a before and after for the force that was born in 2015, after an alliance sealed by the PRO, the UCR and the Civic Coalition. The Cambiomites who consider that in the October elections society gave them the role of opposition work so that “what remains” of Together for Change is still standing, but with a new dynamic. What numbers do they handle in Congress?

After 7 p.m. on the Sunday in which the ballot was held, the founder of the Civic Coalition, Elisa Carri, broadcast an audio to a group of journalists. “Having broken the alliance Together for Change due to the will of others than the Civic Coalition, Elisa Carri and the Civic Coalition resume their full autonomy and they will fight for the founding principles, the moral contract, the republican contract and the economic development contract. They are not going to participate in any type of negotiation. Their role is to rebuild the Republic if it is threatened.“said the message in which ‘Lilita’ spoke about herself in the third person.

Beyond the words of the founder of the Civic Coalition, in which she spoke of the “autonomy” of her party, it does not mean that it will become an island. Why? The Together for Change sector that does not agree with Freedom Advances (that is, everyone, except the PRO “hawks”) bet on staying together.

The deputies are working on this reconfiguration Emilio Monz and Nicols Massot. The objective of both is to form, first of all, a block of about 12 deputies in which they coexisted with the Larretismo, as well as Margarita Stolbizer and some other deputy who is far from identifying with La Libertad Avanza.

Having formed this bench, the Monz-Massot duo is betting on the creation of a interblock in which the UCR and the “lilitos” and some “loose” deputies will coexist among those who even name Miguel Ángel Pichetto.

This opposition bloc could become the “second opposition” of the Chamber of Deputies. The first, as long as it does not implode, would be the Union for the Homeland, which would have 108 deputies.

According to the calculations used in JxC, this new opposition space would add fifty deputies who will converge in a “busy center” that could be decisive in a Congress in which La Libertad Avanza, even if it formed a block or interblock with the PRO, with Cristian Ritondo at the helmit would be very far from the quorum.

As far as he could know The chronicler, Massot and Monz will be building bridges with the two radical sides. That is, the one led by Gerardo Morales and Martín Lousteau, and the one that came to be called “Malbec Group“, which has among other references Alfredo Cornejo. And they would also be trying to convince the “lilitos”. For now, in the party led by Maximiliano Ferraro they limit themselves to saying: “We are no longer in something that was already broken and others broke it”.

And they added: “We do not want to be absorbed by the current of opportunism. That is why what we say about autonomy. This is step by step. It is important that things fall into place. Let the foam go down to know with what and with whom”

Without giving names, His main animosity is with former president Mauricio Macri, whom they have been pointing out as Milei’s ally, even before the general elections on October 22. That is, when Together for Change was still in the race.

Ritondo sounds like a possible president of the Chamber of Deputies

In the Senate, no substantial change is expected for the coalition. As of December 10, the bench will have 24 legislators. The calculations they do in JxC is that There will be only three “hawks” who could break to join the ranks of La Libertad Avanza. The rest of the senators will remain under the same umbrella.

There, Unión por la Patria will be two seats away from the quorum, being the first minority, while La Libertad Avanza plus the “hawks” would reach a dozen. Complicated panorama for the libertarian ruling party.

The idea is to put together a center bloc that responds to the governors to be able to negotiate things for the provinces from Congress.“, they explained to The chronicler. The fact is that, starting December 10, Together for Change will have 10 governors.

A data? The conversations are not limited to those ten provincial leaders. Monz and Massot also seek to build bridges with governors who are outside the Union for the Homeland. One of them would be Martín Llaryora from Córdoba, who will succeed Juan Schiaretti.

It remains to be known what name this new space will have that will include the bulk of what is known until today as Together for Change. but it must stop having, among its members, a sector of the PRO.

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