Xbox updates the firmware of its controllers and finally fixes an urgent bug – FayerWayer

Xbox updates the firmware of its controllers and finally fixes an urgent bug – FayerWayer
Xbox updates the firmware of its controllers and finally fixes an urgent bug – FayerWayer

The Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S have not had the best commercial run in recent times. It is a fact that the friends of Microsoft have battled against sony and its popular PlayStation 5, even though its latest generation of consoles is quite attractive. Although not without flaws.

Among all the bugs and details that have been discovered in the Microsoft system, perhaps the most uncomfortable is its controls, which tend to fail when trying to update its firmware, leaving them behind in an uncomfortable limbo without access to the newest functions. .

The jump between both platforms, in theory, should be smooth and without incident. But the sad reality is that Microsoft has struggled a bit to make the transition between systems work as it’s supposed to.

From the moment this bug was detected, users have been clamoring for an update that improves this and other details.

Today their prayers have finally been heard, helping them get through the hard time with what happened between them. starfield and the Game Awards 2023.

Xbox updates its controllers to fix that annoying problem

A post on the official blog of Xbox Insider reveals that Microsoft has released a new update for Xbox Series X, Series S and Xbox One controllers. This update, which is initially available for Xbox Insider members in the Omega Ringfixes a bug that prevented the controller firmware from being updated.

The error occurred on some controllers, causing the update to fail or freeze. This could cause problems for users by preventing them from taking advantage of the latest firmware features and improvements.

Xbox Starfield Limited Edition control

The new update fixes this awkward bug, so all users should be able to update their controllers without problems.

To check if your controller has the latest firmware version, you can connect it to your console via a USB cable. If the update is available, a message will appear on your console screen.

In addition to fixing the update bug, the new update also includes a new feature: toggle mode for keyboard button mapping.

This feature allows users to map keyboard buttons to controller buttons. This can be useful for people with disabilities who use adaptive keyboards.

Obviously this change applies only to Insider users for now. But the update is expected to be available to all consumers soon.

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