Cargo ship with Mexicans on board kidnapped in the Red Sea

They kidnap a cargo ship carrying Mexicans. Photo: Getty Images/ Illustrative

Mexican authorities remain attentive to the evolution of the hijacking a cargo ship in international waters of the Red Seawhose crew is made up of 25 people, including two of Mexican nationality.

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The Embassy of Mexico in Saudi Arabiaconcurrent in Yemencarries out the necessary steps, through corresponding diplomatic channels, to corroborate the situation of the crew.

The Secretary of Foreign Relations reported that they are seeking, through the necessary diplomatic efforts, the release of the crew members who are in said boat.

“Since this regrettable fact became known, the Embassy of Mexico has taken steps through diplomatic channels to corroborate the situation of the crew and has had communication with representatives of embassies of other countries involved to obtain information and carry out steps. that lead to the release of the crew members who are on said vessel.”

Secretary of Foreign Relations

They publish video of the hijacking of the cargo ship in the Red Sea

The Yemen’s Houthis released a video showing gunmen descending from a helicopter and seizing a cargo ship in the southern Red Sea.

The images were published by the Al Masirah movement’s television channel after the ship was hijacked by the Iran-backed group, which said the ship was linked to Israel. Israel, however, says the seized ship was British-owned and Japanese-operated.

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The captured cargo ship is operated by a Japanese company, which led Tokyo to intervene directly with the rebels; announced that he was going to contact the rebels Houthis of Yemen after the capture of the ship with 25 crew members.

Japan is in “communication with Israel and in addition to direct contacts with the Houthiswe strongly ask Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran and the other countries concerned to urge the Houthis to quickly free the ship and the crew members,” Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa declared on Monday.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that the crew is made up of 25 members of various nationalities, including Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Filipinos and Mexicans.

The Mexican Foreign Ministry confirmed in a statement that there are two Mexicans among the crew.

Who is the owner of the hijacked ship?

The maritime security company Ambrey specified that the owner of the ship is the company Ray Car Carriers, whose parent company belongs to Israeli businessman Abraham “Rami” Ungar.

The Israeli military indicated that the ship left Turkey bound for India and that on board there are “civilians of different nationalities, but not Israelis.” “She is not an Israeli ship,” she insisted.

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