Google celebrates the birth of the pioneer of modern surgery

Google celebrates the birth of the pioneer of modern surgery
Google celebrates the birth of the pioneer of modern surgery

Googleonce again, prepares to dazzle with a memorial doodle, as is their custom on significant events and dates. On this occasion, the celebration will revolve around the birth of the eminent doctor Victor Changdistinguished researcher in the field of cardiology.

This doodle will not only be a visual tribute, but also a recognition of Dr. Chang’s contributions and dedication to the field of cardiology. Google, through its dynamic illustrations, continues to pay tribute to prominent figures and important events, capturing the attention of users around the world and highlighting the importance of these contributions in various fields of knowledge.

What is a doodle?

A doodle is a disturbance or a reverted design of the Google logo, is a temporary modification and can be seen on the main page of the platform. Its purpose is to celebrate or commemorate holidays, events, achievements, specific dates or people.

Victor Chang

Dr. Victor Peter Chang was born on November 21, 1936 in Shanghai China. He was one of Australia’s most prominent and talented cardiac surgeons. He earned this place for being a pioneer of modern heart transplant surgery.

Victor Chang, pioneer in heart and lung transplants.

In 1951, Victor Chang emigrated to Sydney, attracted by the presence of his family in the city. It was in this vibrant metropolis where he took his first steps in the field of medicine, marking the beginning of an outstanding career. He began his academic training at University of Sydney and simultaneously immersed himself in medical practice at St. Vincent Hospital.

During his stay at St Vincent’s Hospital, formed the National Heart Transplant Unit, Australia’s first heart and lung transplant center. Chang and his team had a large number of successes in transplants, and he was also a pioneer in developing an artificial heart valve.

Chang’s ambition took him beyond Australian borders, seeking broader training. Thus, he complemented his experience in medicine in the United Kingdom and the United States, specializing as a surgeon. These years of international training consolidated his expertise and catapulted him as a prominent figure in the field of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery.

With exceptional knowledge and outstanding performance in the field of heart transplantation, Chang left an indelible legacy by saving hundreds of lives. Her dedication and experience were recorded in medical history when she, along with her team, performed a momentous heart transplant on a girl just 14 years old. This milestone made her the youngest survivor of a bone transplant. heart in Australia.

In 1986 Dr Chang was awarded Australia’s highest honour, Companion of the Order of Australia, and in 2000 he was elected by the people of Australia as the Australian of the Century.

On July 4, 1991, Dr. Chang was killed with two shots to the head in an extortion attempt. His death deeply shocked Australia, marking one of the most shocking murders in the country’s history. The news resonated nationally, generating a wave of grief and dismay.

Dr. Victor Chang’s legacy transcended his exceptional contribution to the medical field, and his untimely death sparked an unprecedented response. In recognition of his dedication and achievements, he was given a state funeral, a ceremony that reflected the importance of his legacy and the indelible mark he left on the medical community and Australian society.

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