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The Ethics Commission of Congress approved with 8 votes in favor, 5 against and 4 abstentions the report that recommends shielding Rosselli Amuruz from a possible investigation for the hiring of his partner’s entourage, Paul García, in that State power.

The document also dismisses the case of the congresswoman’s alleged trips abroad during the week of representation. She only declares that it is her responsibility to investigate her for allegedly having organized the birthday party of her romantic partner, which ended in the crime of the communicator Enrique Tirado.

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Parliamentarian Ruth Luque (Democratic Change) was against the report and proposed that it return to the Technical Secretariat so that the dismissed cases can be analyzed again.

However, his request was unsuccessful. The previous question obtained 3 votes in favor, 12 against and 1 abstention.

Watch the session here:

Ethics Report Rosselli Amuruz case

Ethics Report Rosselli Amuruz case

The qualification report only declares it appropriate to investigate her in the case of her partner’s birthday and dismisses the other accusations.

Previous note

In October, El Comercio revealed that eight people close to García worked in offices linked to the legislator or had been hired at her request.

Shortly after, on October 16, the Ethics Commission approved ex officio reporting her for an alleged violation of parliamentary ethics in three cases. The first is to deny having organized the party in Lince, which ended with a deceased person; the second, the alleged hiring of people close to Paul García and the third refers to the alleged trips abroad that he would have made during the week of representation.

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