Macri described it as ‘unforgivable’ that JxC does not support Milei’s proposals in Congress

Macri described it as ‘unforgivable’ that JxC does not support Milei’s proposals in Congress
Macri described it as ‘unforgivable’ that JxC does not support Milei’s proposals in Congress
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Former president Mauricio Macri considered that It would be “unforgivable” if Together for Change does not support “the structural reforms” that the elected president Javier Milei brings to Congress and warned that if Peronism demonstrates against the new government’s measures, the young people who supported it with their votes “are not going to stay at home.”

In an interview for the TN channel, Macri admitted that “Argentines are very innovative” and “we have innovated in giving power to someone who has no political structure,” in reference to the recent victory of the libertarian Milei in the presidential runoff.

“Those of us who have proposed a change, it is morally unforgivable that we do not support the structural reforms that he is going to propose, if we wanted to do the same,” he said when asked about the lack of La Libertad Avanza legislators necessary to achieve a quorum in the Senate and Deputies.

And he stressed that “those of us who make up the JxC proposal” must “accompany”.

Likewise, he pointed out that “Peronism after this pineapple is not going to have an easy time explaining to citizens that they are not collaborating in the period of initial laws that this government is going to launch.”

“The governors should clearly accompany because this man said he came with a chainsaw and with his style he will reach a balanced budget,” he continued and warned that “it is an experience that will require maturity.”

The PRO leader highlighted that after the runoff “today there is a deep popular mandate”, which is “led by young people” and they “are not going to stay at home if these gentlemen start throwing tons of stones“.

And he asserted: “The orcs are going to have to measure very well when they want to do mischief.”

“Javier Milei’s revolutionary core are young people who work, who demand the possibility of saving, who have dragged their parents along and we have dragged our voters along,” Macri said.

Regarding JxC, he stated that “it will not remain the same” because “we are entering a new stage where there will also be a need for ideological clarification.”

“Javier took the leadership of the change because we were fading what we proposed as revolutionary to maintain internal peace,” he expressed as a self-criticism of the coalition he leads.

And remembered that “The PRO came with proposals similar economically to those of Javier and in the search for political volume we were granting”.

“This change has meant that today the ideological difference with that partner that is radicalism, where there is tension, has to be made transparent,” he indicated.

And he differentiated between “those who want to create populism with republican overtones versus those who want to re-embrace the ideas of Alem and Alvear.”

Furthermore, he considered that “what Javier Milei inherits” upon assuming office as President “is several times worse than what I inherited in 2015.”

“This level of stocks is much more complex, this whole frightening system, it is a very difficult task that awaits the Milei government,” he added.

Along these lines, he warned that “we have six very tough months ahead of us where the president-elect has to stabilize Argentina, he has to make a brutal fiscal shock” and if so “in 35 years we are going to be as important as the greatest powers in the world.” “.

He assured that “if it is successful, Argentina takes off” and highlighted that “without a drought, export dollars will come back in, the countryside will push forward, Vaca Muerta and lithium too.”

Macri confirmed the meeting with Milei at the Hotel Libertadorwhere the libertarian economist makes a base, “to talk about the future, not the past.”

And he considered the privatization of State companies proposed by Milei this morning in radio statements “very positive.”

“The emergence of politics in YPF worsened its functioning,” he noted and noted that “the State has to be where we need it, kicking out drug traffickers, ensuring public education, hospitals, that justice works and protects women victims of violence, to the citizen who usurps a house by a Mapuche trout”.

On the other hand, he recalled his trip to Davos with the current Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, at the beginning of 2016, where he told him “you are going to be president because you have the capacity, you understand where the world is going”, although he acknowledged that later ” Massa was a first frustration.”

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