TRAGEDY: they found the body of the American tourist who had disappeared in El Chaltén

The missing American tourist Three days ago she was found dead in an area near Laguna de las Mellizas, in El Chalten. Neha Malla, 40, was intensively searched by the authorities in an operation that included 160 Army brigade members.

The woman had last been seen while crossing the river Fitz Roy in Los Glaciares National Park. She had arrived in the province of Santa Cruz through a group trip coordinated by a company.

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This Tuesday, Malla began a walk along the park’s trails since the organizers had given him the day off to do whatever he wanted. It was assumed that I had to return at 4 p.m. to continue the trip with the group to Chile, but Never came back. For this reason, the complaint was made to National Parks.

Starting on Thursday, the Argentine Army joined the search operation. (Photo: Facebook/Los Glaciares National Park)

Since Thursday, the Argentine Army began to participate in the search and it was confirmed that, yesterday afternoon, a helicopter “was waiting for the weather conditions to improve to go to the place with an expert, a National Gendarmerie officer and medical personnel from the El Chaltén Health Post to carry out the corresponding actions, and so we can later move the body”.

According to Jorge Lenz, from the Lago Viedma section of National Parks, the woman would have been lost due to the winds and rains that occurred at the time of return.

After the travel company gave the notice of Neha’s disappearance, hundreds of rescuers from National Parks and the Relief Commission went to look for her in an area known as “Lying Fold.”

Since Tuesday, a large operation of 160 people began searching for the missing tourist. (Photo: Facebook / Los Glaciares National Park)

Carolina Codo, founder of the Relief Commission of the El Chaltén Andean Center, declared on the radio LU12 from Río Gallegos that The tourist is the third person to get lost in the place so far this year. “We went more or less to the places where the other two had been lost and we also went around with the drone we have from the Relief Commission, but unfortunately we still haven’t found them,” he added.

The entity also explained that the area is a very large, wild, forested and steppe terrain. For this reason, searching for the woman involved a exhaustive work which includes observation, the use of whistles and raking between paths, water courses, logs and rocks.

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The search was organized by the staff of the Los Glaciares National Park, the National Gendarmerie and the El Chaltén Relief Commission with 120 people, 4 drones and 4 dogs. In addition, Army brigade members also joined.

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