“The talent we have in Cuba is very great”

“The talent we have in Cuba is very great”
“The talent we have in Cuba is very great”

A young Cuban, Elioveliz Pérez Romero, impressed Lenier Mesa with his voiceso much so that the singer and composer shared videos of him singing on his Instagram stories.

The talent we have in Cuba is very great. Follow this boy,” wrote the author of “How I Pay You” in his publication.

Capture Instagram / Lenier Mesa

In the videos that Lenier published on his profile the young man performs two of José José’s best-known musical hits“What was not will not be” and “Almohada”, with a voice tone very similar to that of the Mexican artist.

“The Time Our Love Lasted” and “My Life Without Your Love” by Cristian Castro and “Dígale” by David Bisbal are other songs that can be heard perfectly in Elioveliz’s voice.

On his Instagram The young man thanked Lenier for his words.: “Thanks for the support”.

Capture Instagram / Elioveliz Pérez Romero

Although many when listening to him, especially interpreting José José’s songs, They doubted that that was his voice and said he was dubbingthe truth is that Elioveliz has enormous talent.

Several of his covers of famous songs have gone viral on the networks, thus earning the praise of many Internet users.

This Friday Elioveliz received a big surprise, A person he doesn’t know sent him the latest iPhone model as a gifta gesture that he greatly appreciated because from now on he will be able to make higher quality videos for his followers.

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