Who is Romina Camejo, the woman accused of murdering the millionaire Punta del Este businessman Gonzalo Aguiar

The murder of Gonzalo Aguiar (46)a renowned businessman in the cannabis industry in Uruguay, continues to shock everyone in Punta del Este, where he was owner of one of the most imposing mansions in the exclusive resort.

His ex-partner, Romina Camejo, 26 years old, was detained, accused of killing the Uruguayan businessman with a shot in the chest. With a stunning figure, a fan of weapons and luxury cars, the young woman presents herself on her social networks as a singer. There she also flaunts the luxuries.

Romina Camejo, the singer who is an expert in shooting

“First training,” wrote “Romi” when he posted a series of videos in which he shows himself shooting a rifle and a pistol. “Opa, opa, what gave birth to him,” he comments when he displays a target with 15 shots, 13 of them in the human figure. The publication is from July 22, 2022 but strikingly it appears edited 3 weeks ago.

“Let’s see how it went?” he asks in the second, when he shows the shots with a gun. “Okay, all in,” says the instructor.

The cardboard shows 22 bullets on target, most in the figure’s chest, and 8 outside, near the head.

In one of the photos on “Romi’s” Instagram from exactly three years ago you could already see the gray and black Lamborghini Huracan that the Uruguayan media spread as part of the coverage of the case.

Romina Camejo and Marcelo Aguiar.

At first it was thought that Aguiar had arrived in that car to the house where the crime occurred, located in Mar del Coral and Mar Chiquita, but that was not the case.

The coupe has been parked with a dent in the front spoiler on the left side and the wheels bent to the right for several days, according to residents of the Cantegril neighborhood of Punta del Este.

Romina Camejo and Marcelo Aguiar.

Outside of the eccentricities of material things, where there is also room for yachts, jet skis, mansions, trips and even flights on private planes, “Romi” has a passion and a dream in which he perseveres: music.

“SINGING IS WHAT I AM!” she posted in October 2019 along with photos of a show surrounded by musicians. Some of the songs that are encouraged to be shared on social networks are covers of pop singers in Spanish.

In November 2022, she married Aguiar. “This is the man I decided to spend my entire life with. His little face and loving eyes explain why I chose him and continue to choose him for the rest of my days…”

Curiously, that was the last photo with the controversial Uruguayan medical cannabis businessman. For the next New Year, Camejo poses alone in the photos. And she was already pregnant. Her baby was born in July 2023. Her father, Aguiar, is not in the photos she shares of her.

“Without a doubt you came to break with everything and rebuild every iota of my essence, my heart and my entire being,” the mother writes to her daughter in an emotional post, in which she also describes an early birth and some complications that they were able to overcome.

In February 2023, a commando group broke into his exclusive house La Maison, where he lived with Camejo. The robbery had national repercussions in Uruguay.

Romina Camejo and Marcelo Aguiar.
Romina Camejo and Marcelo Aguiar.

Three men took over the mansion located near the Golf Club in Punta del Este, tied up two workers and one of the owners of the house and stole 20 short and long weapons, cell phones, among other objects.

Among the weapons found inside a vault in La Maison’s desk were rifles, pistols and shotguns and more than 1,500 9mm caliber ammunition, Maldonado Police reported at the time.

Last October, the Prosecutor’s Office requested between 20 and 22 years in prison for the three thieves, including a former property security guard. Two other accomplices agreed to lesser sentences in an abbreviated trial.

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