What is known so far about the businessman’s crime in Punta del Este

What is known so far about the businessman’s crime in Punta del Este
What is known so far about the businessman’s crime in Punta del Este

“As has been publicly known, Romina is detained because tragically she was forced to defend her life and that of her little daughter from the clutches of a monster (…) with whom he had to agree to live with recently under threats. He had already started the procedures to be able to see his innocent baby, who was going to be left vulnerable and exposed in the hands of a narcissist, psychopath and addictwhich also threatened to cause ‘collateral damage’ to her family (…) An issue that she kept to herself in order to protect us all.”

It is a fragment of statement from Romina Camejo’s mother (26), ex-partner of Gonzalo Aguiar (46), whom he murdered in the early hours of Monday with a shot to the chest. She is also the alibi that Camejo’s lawyers are now working on to convince the intervening prosecutor, Sebastián Robles, that It was an act of self-defense.. Knowledge of handling weapons, accusations of fraud, a mansion and robberies: the context of a couple that ended badly.

There is only one certainty about the case: that Aguiar died from a shot in the chest by Camejo, on Monday at four in the morning, in a house on the corner of Mar de Coral and Mar Chiquita, in the Department of Maldonado. Camejo admitted to the crime when she was arrested, after she herself had called the police. The investigation that began moments later attempts to clarify the causes. The edges are several.

According to the Uruguayan newspaper El Observador, Camejo’s lawyer, Camilo Silvera, declared that his client confided a detail to him: a while before the crime, Aguiar had threatened his ex-partner by telephone. “I’m going to cut you into little pieces.”, I would have told him. Moments later, Aguiar would have gone to the house in the Cantegril neighborhood where his ex was, in the company of another man and his baby. Attorney Silvera expressed that the murdered businessman was “completely taken out” by the time he got home.

Romina Camejo, the woman accused of the crime of businessman Gonzalo Aguiar, in Punta del Este. Instagram photo

Discussion through, Camejo grabbed a 9mm weapon, which he has a license to carry, and shot Aguiar’s chest. She is a firearms enthusiast: a simple look at Camejo’s social networks confirms it. Instagram, for example: videos of shooting practice with pistols and rifles, shots that hit the target and others very close. In a video, Camejo says, rhetorically, “let’s see how it went…”. “Okay, everyone inside,” his instructor responds. The cardboard with a human figure displays 22 bullets, most in the chest, a few less near the head.

Another look at Camejo’s networks: she is also a fan of luxury cars. Aguiar was too, and he had some: Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, Land Rover. In 2022, the couple had been investigated after a complaint made by an individual, since she had crossed paths with boths in a high-end car brandishing firearms. In statements to the press that he made after the investigation, Camejo limited himself to commenting that his partner, Aguiar, was gun collector and that they were in order (that is, they had a license to carry).

On social networks

More from Camejo’s social networks: yachts, jet skis, trips, private flights and mansions. Aguiar himself had a stunning house in Punta del Este, very well known and called “The House”. Six thousand square meters, 1,700 square meters, five suite rooms, garage for five cars, jacuzzi, heated pool, sauna, gym, games room and movie room, large dressing room, intelligent lighting, ostentatious furniture, inlaid hanging lamps, busts and sculptures, stairs and marble coverings. A life filled with nobility.

In February 2023, The Maison was attacked by a commando group. A safe and twenty firearms, including short, long and collectible, In addition to several cell phones, they were the loot of the robbery. The robbers beat security employees and threatened Aguiar’s father, 85 years old at the time. The subsequent investigation linked a former Aguiar security employee to the robbery.

Aguiar y Camejo sThey got married in November 2022. He was twenty years older than her. The wedding was also luxurious. Camejo’s publication with photos of the wedding was accompanied by the following caption: “This is the man I decided to spend my entire life with. His little face and loving eyes explain why I chose him and continue to choose him for the rest of my days.” In July 2023 they became parents to a baby girl.

Background with Justice

Almost everything was luxury lately in the lives of Aguiar and his partner. In September 2020, he had been appointed president of Boreal, a company dedicated to the development of cannabis in Uruguay, a legal activity in that country. Two Canadian businessmen entrusted him with almost thirty million dollars to set up an industrial cultivation plant, measuring 5,000 square meters, in the department of Salto.

Boreal had clear purposes: to produce the cultivation of recreational and medicinal cannabis, to market flowers, therapeutic oil and other products in Uruguay and, above all, abroad. He planned to employ a thousand people in the short term and, in due course, four thousand, in order to export the products to Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, perhaps Europe. Boreal wanted to establish the largest production plant in Latin America, and inaugurated its Colonia Garibaldi plant with the presence of Luis Lacalle Pou, president of Uruguay, who cut the inaugural ribbon, the presidential secretary and the Canadian ambassador to the eastern country.

The contributors of the millionaire figure to establish Boreal in Uruguay (whose legal name was Ignapin SA) were John Pollesel and Brian Montgomery, businessman and lawyer respectively, who had known Aguiar since he lived in Ontario. He was already working with the two Canadians, as they had entrusted him with the management of the Mexican subsidiary of Boreal Agromineral, the fertilizer research and development company.

In 2023, less than three years into its history, Boreal was traveling very different paths from those of the planned success: the company, which had great aspirations, operated with one percent of the workers it planned to employ. Even more, went bankrupt and fired its last 40 workers via WhatsApp.

Aguiar was accused by Canadian investors of embezzling Boreal: more clearly, of divert more than 17 million dollars from its initial mission, which were the investment in legal licenses, purchase of equipment and expansion of the business. None of that happened, which is why Aguiar was investigated in Uruguay and also by Canadian justice.

Some of the maneuvers that Aguiar would have made to commit the scam would be the misrepresentation of investment reports, receipts of operations and bank reports to Banco República Oriental del Uruguay (BROU), according to information published by El Observador.

Before the wedding, little is known about Camejo. Camejo’s networks give some clues: she defined herself as a singer in publications dating from 2017 to 2021, when the luxury of cars, travel and La Maison began to be commonplace in photos and videos. In February 2021, she began taking photos and videos with a Lamborghini, with jet skis, with beach landscapes and luxury hotels. In March 2021, the caption of a Camejo publication said: “I wish everyone to have a Gonza in their lives.”

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