Manuel Guerrero: Mexican is imprisoned in Qatar for being homosexual

EFE Agency and Azucena Rangel

Doha / 02/27/2024 13:22:00

LGBT groups denounced that Manuel Guerreroa gay Mexican man who has lived in Qatar for seven years, He was arrested on February 4 in Dohathe country’s capital, after going to an appointment arranged through an application and being met by the police there.

The Manuel Guerrero Committee, made up of activists and sexual diversity groups to promptly follow up on this case, assured that Manuel was the victim of a ‘modus operandi’ that violated human rights, which is common in countries that criminalize LGBT people.

The group reported that the Qatar police created fake profile on Grindra dating application, from where they contacted Manuel and arranged to meet him, posing as a homosexual man.

Upon arriving at the meeting place, Manuel did not find the man he was supposed to meet, but rather police officers who arbitrarily detained him.

Furthermore, the organization stated, They planted a quarter of a gram of methamphetamine on him, Therefore, he is currently detained in the General Directorate of Combating Drugs in Qatar.

“From the moment of his arrest, Manuel has been a victim of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, as well as acts of psychological torture: authorities tried to force him to identify more members of the LGBTTTIQ+ community in his telephone contacts, and forced him to witness the suffering of other people also detained while they were whipped,” they stated in the document.

In Qatar, being homosexual and having sexual relations outside of marriage are classified as crimes punishable by finesbut also up to seven years in prison.

The man, who is openly gay in his country of origin, is now in an isolation cell in Doha, “in inhumane conditions, being subjected to physical and psychological torture, and suffering mistreatment solely for being from the LGBT community and for living with HIV,” indicated the Manuel Guerrero Committee.

The organization also maintained that in prison Manuel has been threatened, isolated, deprived of sufficient food and waterin addition to having been denied his right to have a lawyer and has been forced to sign documents in Arabic without a supporting translator.

On the other hand, they have prevented him from taking the antiretrovirals he needs for living with HIV.

“That is torture and puts his life at serious risk,” they said.

The Manuel Guerrero Committee launched this Tuesday the international digital campaign #QatarMustFreeManuel, demanding the immediate intervention of the Government of Mexico in the case and the release of Manuel.

It also requests that the Mexican Embassy in Qatar, responsible for representing and protecting Mexican citizens in this country, investigate and clarify arbitrary detentionthe fabrication of crimes, physical and psychological torture, as well as the effects derived from Manuel’s state of health.

Finally, they requested the United Nations Organization, through its Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council, issue an Urgent Appeal to safeguard lifeintegrity and freedom of Manuel.

Until now, neither President Andrés Manuel López Obrador nor the Foreign Ministry have commented on the issue, which is why the campaign seeks incite them to action.

“Sexual orientation is a human right and not a crime. Manuel must be released. The Committee that monitors his case has already asked the Mexican authorities to act immediately, but still without a strong response so far,” they said.


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