Deadline to apply for Spanish citizenship due to the Grandchildren Law would be extended until 2025

Deadline to apply for Spanish citizenship due to the Grandchildren Law would be extended until 2025
Deadline to apply for Spanish citizenship due to the Grandchildren Law would be extended until 2025

The Government of Spain intends to extend the benefits offered by the Democratic Memory Law (LMD) to access citizenship of that country until the end of 2025, as established by the norm itself approved in October 2022.

The provision was announced this Thursday by the Minister of Territorial Policy and Democratic Memory, Ángel Víctor Torres, during an informative breakfast organized by the agency Europa Pressaccording to a review in the Spanish media The reason.

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The senior official indicated that the deadline for those exiled by the Franco dictatorship and their descendants to apply for Spanish nationality under the LMD will be extended by one more year.

In the body of the Law it was recorded that this opportunity would be in force for two years after its approval, so the period had to expire at the end of this year.

However, there is a clause that allows the acting Government to extend the application of this benefit for another year through an agreement of the Council of Ministers.

Some 15 thousand Cubans have received Spanish nationality with the new “Grandchildren Law”

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Initially, the opportunity covered descendants of Spaniards who left the country during the years of Francisco Franco’s dictatorship, those of Spaniards who lost their nationality when marrying a foreigner outside the country or the eldest children of those who had acquired nationality. under the Historical Memory Law of 2017.

However, in practice those who have managed to prove that they are children or grandchildren of an originally Spanish citizen have also benefited.

Accurate The reason that so far some 69 thousand people have received Spanish nationality around the world, especially in Latin American countries, by virtue of the LMD.

The Spanish consulates, mainly in Latin American countries where a large community of exiles settled for various reasons, have received hundreds of thousands of applications, which in many cases exceed their processing capacities.

Spanish Embassy will improve conditions to expedite nationality procedures in Cuba

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At the beginning of last January, the Spanish Embassy in Cuba announced that this year it would have more material resources and personnel to process these requests.

It turned out that, starting this month, a new location would be set up with four offices that will be in charge of various phases of the process. In addition, the diplomatic authorities assured that the number of workers engaged in these tasks would be expanded.

Some 15,000 Cubans had received Spanish nationality through the LMD according to the data available at the end of August 2023. This figure made the Consulate General of Spain in Havana the one with the most nationalities approved in the world, according to sources. diplomats of the Iberian nation.

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