Deputy from La Libertad Avanza asked to declare Greenpeace a terrorist organization

Deputy from La Libertad Avanza asked to declare Greenpeace a terrorist organization
Deputy from La Libertad Avanza asked to declare Greenpeace a terrorist organization

The environmental organization Greenpeace rejected “the exploitation of natural resources” and was targeted by the Buenos Aires legislator Agustín Rommo

Among the different repercussions caused by the speech by Javier Milei in Congressthe main political announcement was the May Pact which calls on governors and former presidents to agree on ten economic points. In this framework, the environmental organization Greenpeace opposed the sixth postulate, which proposes “advancing the exploitation of the country’s natural resources”, resulting in a request from a deputy of Freedom Advances.

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Greenpeace must be declared a terrorist organization“, he claimed Agustín Rommo, one of the main communications advisors to the President and Buenos Aires deputy. The provincial legislator raised his position after a publication of Greenpeacewhich had already expressed its resistance to the modifications of the omnibus law and of DNU relevant to intervention in the environment.

In that context, this Saturday Greenpeace He maintained that the modifications on natural resources “do not benefit either the country or the ecological crisis that the planet is experiencing“and that “reinsisting with said regressions is contrary to the needs of Argentina and the health of the environment. These are laws that have had a positive impact, and rather than being repealed, they should be perfected.”

To conclude, the organization considered that “We cannot allow the natural resources that supply ecosystems to be sacrificed, populations and various productive activities only for the benefit of a few. From Greenpeace Argentina we continue to demand that environmental laws are not made more flexible fundamental such as those of forests and glaciers. “Today there are no certainties or guarantees that the previously proposed modifications will not be presented again.”

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May Pact: the 10 principles proposed by Javier Milei

During his speech at session opening, Javier Milei listed 10 principles to be agreed on Cordova of what he called the “May Pact“:

  • 1. The inviolability of private property.
  • 2. The non-negotiable fiscal balance.
  • 3. The reduction of public spending to historical levels, around 25% of the Gross Domestic Product.
  • 4. A tax reform that reduces tax pressure, simplifies the lives of Argentines and promotes trade.
  • 5. The rediscussion of federal tax sharing to end forever the current extortionate model.
  • 6. A commitment by the provinces to advance the exploitation of the country’s natural resources.
  • 7. A modern labor reform that promotes formal work.
  • 8. A pension reform that gives sustainability to the system, respects those who contributed and allows those who prefer to subscribe to a private retirement system.
  • 9. A structural political reform that modifies the current system and realigns the interests of the representatives and those represented.
  • 10. Opening to international trade, so that Argentina once again becomes a protagonist in the global market.
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