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With the motto “My health, my right” Greetings from Cuba this April 7, World Health Day; with a broad program of activities aimed at promoting those conquests achieved by more than six decades of Revolution.

At a press conference at the PAHO/WHO headquarters, the organization’s representative in Havana, Mario Cruz Peñate, stressed that many states, such as Cuba, arrive at the anniversary with favorable results in the field of healthcare. and this is evidenced by the figures that are displayed today in this sense; those that have, he noted, the support of important regulations and legal frameworks.

In this scenario, he highlighted the impact of the Public Health Law recently approved in the Ordinary Session of the National Assembly of People’s Power. “An important advance to guarantee, in practice, the right to health of all Cubans.”

Peñate Cruz explained how in the current context, after a Pandemic, “where our societies have been affected in a multidimensional way and in the face of political conflicts and wars, together with the challenges caused by climate change; “It becomes vitally important to draw the attention of the general population and health authorities to the right to health and in pursuit of life.”

“World Health Day is a celebration for PAHO/WHO,” he stated, while defining the date as a space for growth and an opportunity to reflect together on what more we can do together for the benefit of all.

Dr. Mario Cruz Peñate, representative of PAHO/WHO Cuba

When Dr. Carilda Peña García, vice minister of the sector in the largest of the Antilles, spoke, she considered that these first-world results achieved by the union in the health sphere allow the celebration of this day to be a reason for celebration in the country, marked for a permanent search for patient satisfaction.

“They are challenges supported by the Constitution of the Republic, and therefore the result of a firm political will that aims to defend the rights of all Cubans, regardless of their creed, race, geographical position and professional level.”

Dr. Carilda Peña García, Vice Minister of Health

He assured in his words that Cuba, for more than sixty years of a valuable social and revolutionary project, has always put Public Health first, with a free, accessible, regionalized, comprehensive system that does not have discrimination and that promulgates the intersectoral community participation as one of its principles.

«On this path, the vice minister explained, our family medicine model and the work of the family doctor and nurse in the nearly 11 thousand offices and 491 polyclinics throughout the length and breadth of the Island are essential, which, despite of the difficult economic situation in the nation, mainly due to material and resource deficiencies in the face of the cruel US blockade policy, they maintain primary care without any level of distinction, or interruption in services in communities and neighborhoods.

Hence, it is precisely in the popular councils and constituencies throughout the country, the majority of the actions and initiatives planned for World Health Day, Dr. Pablo A. Feal Cañizares, Director of the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Unit in Cuba (Prosalud).

“Coincidently with this important date, we also celebrate World Physical Activity Day on April 6, turning the day into a possibility to integrate and articulate Minsap-Inder efforts, from our country, and in favor of the population,” he added, to At the same time, he recalled that demographic changes among Cubans, the impact of non-communicable diseases and other chronic diseases are highly prevalent today, which therefore demand urgent joint action between both organizations.

In his assessments, he announced the holding of panels and workshops during the week with the presence of experts and researchers, on the topic of intersectorality, physical activity, the benefits and responsibility of the Health system with its people, in particular care primary, among others. Likewise, he spoke about communication, community and sports activities in the provinces and municipalities, in order to achieve citizen participation from health and physical activity in the extensive day for April 7 in our archipelago.

«Along with these central activities, he said, a Children’s Contest is being developed where children reflect their visions about physical activity and its importance for Health, which will be awarded at the central event of the province of Artemisa on the occasion of the commemoration”.

Dr. Pablo A. Feal Cañizares, Director of Prosalud.

Precisely about the role that physical activity plays in increasing the quality of life of the people, the appreciations of Joel Rodríguez Vega, national director of Physical Education and Health Promotion of the Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (Inder ). «Our organization stands out for the design of competitions and recreational festivals, the race-walk in “La Piragua”, together with other community participation strategies that seek to involve the largest possible number of people in the territories and in Havana».

Finally, Rodríguez Vega stated that for the benefit of Health, whether for women and girls, young people, people with disabilities and others in vulnerable situations, “Cuban sport offers enormous potential to promote common goals and promote peace and human rights in society.

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