the goalkeeper Chicco, the center backs and the great dedication of everyone

the goalkeeper Chicco, the center backs and the great dedication of everyone
the goalkeeper Chicco, the center backs and the great dedication of everyone

Belgrano tied without goals with Inter de Porto Alegreat the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium, in the duel that opened Group C of the 2024 Copa Sudamericana. El Celeste went from less to more and ended up completing a good job against one of the powerful Brazilians and a candidate to win this competition.

Next, the 1v1 of the Pirate players in the match against the Brazilians.

Belgrano’s 1×1

CHICCO (8). A double save in the ST to prevent the Brazilian team from scoring and he blocked a header from the former River in the mouth of the goal. At the beginning he had made a mistake in a quick start that almost didn’t score for Borré. He ended up being the figure of his team.

BARINAGA (5). He had to work a lot against Wanderson and shared good with bad. He managed to go on the attack without much determination.

MORENO (7). Great game in his international debut. He managed to prevent Santos Borré from winning, he closed brilliantly twice against the former River, once in each half.

TROILUS (7). A little nervous at the start of the game. Some mistakes that didn’t get him off track. One in the second that gave the visitor the best opportunity.

MERIANO (5). The band cost him a lot. He lost often to the red team’s forwards. In the second, the visit began to lean towards the other sector and that allowed him to act better.

GONZÁLEZ METILLI (5). Poor PT, he did not find a location in the field and at times his effort was fruitless. In the second he improved in location and participation in the game.

RED (5). He played the quarter in which the ball belonged to the rival. He ordered his teammates, he contributed little to the game.

LONG (5). A lot of sacrifice and putting in to try to close the middle. In the PT he was not successful, he improved in the ST.

LUCCO (-). Just 9 minutes on the court and an injury left him out.

SUAREZ (4). He did not enter the game, the ball was always far from him and he ran without being able to generate anything in attack.

PASSERINI (5). He had the Pirate’s clearest shot 25 seconds into the ST and threw it over the top. Afterwards he battled until he left the field exhausted and beaten.

REYNA (7). The best of a weak and good PT in the second. He fulfilled the double role of winger and winger.

HEREDIA (6). His presence was noticed on the field. He put in a lot of effort and helped Longo when it came to scraping work. Good match.

MARIN (6). He entered the ST and the first one he touched served the goal for Passerini who missed. Afterwards he lost weight, but showed that he can be the driver of the team.

JARA (-). After two months without playing, he entered with pure power, he was unable to have a clear ball.

LENCIONI (-). His entry was to close the left wing.

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