Iran threatened to change its nuclear doctrine while awaiting Israel’s response

After the attack on Israeli territory, there is global concern about the possibility of the conflict escalating. The nuclear power plants of both countries are a factor to take into account.

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A senior commander of the Corps Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Iran stated that the country could review its “nuclear doctrine” amid the Israeli threats after Tehran’s unprecedented attack with missiles and drones. The Iranian capital has been stating for a long time that its nuclear program is for civilian purposes. However, Israel He has repeatedly accused the country of wanting to acquire an atomic bomb and made it clear that he will not allow it.

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”If the false Zionist regime wants to use the threat to attack nuclear centers of our country as a tool of pressure, it is entirely possible to revise the doctrine and nuclear policies to deviate from the considerations announced in the past,” said Ahmad Haghtalab, commander of the IRGC in charge of nuclear safety.

Iran nuclear

The Bushehr reactor occupies a prominent place in Iran’s nuclear plan.

In turn, he confirmed that “Iran has always been prepared to face these threats”, referring to Israel’s intention to stop nuclear development in the Islamic Republic. The Iranian nuclear power plants “are totally safe,” said the military man.

This statement was given in the context of the conflict with Israel after Iran will launch more than 300 aircraft drones and missiles into Israeli territory overnight from Saturday to Sunday morning. This first direct attack by the Iranian army on the country of Middle East was in response to the April 1 bombing of his Consulate in the capital of SyriaDamascus, in which seven IRGC soldiers were killed, including two generals.

The actions of the Islamic Guard were announced previously and Israel, together with the support of allies such as the US, shot down the vast majority of the drones and missiles. Only one person was injured after the attack, but concern about possible Israeli retaliation has stoked fear of a new war in the regionwhich would have great repercussions worldwide.

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Iran's attack on Israeli territory was announced and finally stopped by the Iron Dome.

Iran’s attack on Israeli territory was announced and finally stopped by the Iron Dome.

“The nuclear power plants of the Zionist enemy have been identified. If the Zionist regime commits an act of aggression against Iran, the response time will be in the hands of the Iranian Armed Forces and is guaranteed,” the commander announced and concluded: “The blow they would receive would be remembered in history”.

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