The ISA World Longboard Championship Surf City El Salvador opens

Record of 39 nations celebrates the Opening Ceremony / Photo: Pablo Franco

Surf City El Salvador.- A record 129 athletes from 39 countries celebrated the opening of the Surf City El Salvador ISA World Longboard Championship 2024 at the iconic El Sunzal point break.

Never before have so many athletes and nations participated in the event, surpassing the previous participation record of 118 athletes from 33 nations set in the 2023 edition, also in El Salvador.

Representatives from each nation took the stage at the Opening Ceremony, each waving their nation’s flag for the Sands of the World Ceremony. Sand from each nation was poured into a container to symbolize the peaceful gathering of the nations of the world through surfing.

Among the athletes at the celebration were France’s defending women’s gold medalist Alice Le Moigne, as well as eight athletes from nations participating in the event for the first time. South Korea, Nicaragua and Wales will make their debuts in the event when the action begins tomorrow at El Sunzal.

Dignitaries present on stage at the ceremony included the Minister of Tourism of El Salvador, Morena Valdezand to the Executive Director of the ISA, Robert Fasulo.

The President of the ISA, Fernando Aguerre, He addressed the athletes through a video message:

“I love Sunzal. I have longboarded every time I have been there for the different competitions. I’m sure they’re going to do wonderful things on that wave.

“We hope that within a year longboard will be part of the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. We have been working hard to make surfing’s oldest discipline, longboarding, part of the competition.

“You are already part of this incredible United Nations of surfing, with a record number of athletes from a record number of countries.”

The Minister of Tourism of El Salvador, Morena Valdezsaid:

“I am excited to host 129 of the world’s best longboarders from 39 different countries on five continents. Welcome to El Salvador, this is your home, a place where you will find more than 70 surf spots along 300 kilometers of coastline. And most importantly, we want to share them with all of you.

“This would not be possible without the vision of the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele. His vision for Surf City has proven, once again, that we can achieve our biggest dreams with determination, discipline, transparency and, above all, the desire to live in a better country. “We want to be an example for the whole world.”

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