Aleks Syntek threw Karol G’s album ‘Tomorrow will be nice’ into the toilet and caused strong controversy

It is common that in the music industry there is unconditional support between artists, however, there are also notable differences, like what happened years ago between reggaeton singer J Balvin and Residente.

Aleks Syntek in La Voz Kids. | Photo: Screenshot Caracol Television

The Mexican singer-songwriter interpreter of songs like Here I am, My impulses on you, Invincible hearts, Sex, modesty and tears, To see you again, At night in the city, The storm and more, he caused indisposition in the fans of the paisa by revealing his opinion about Karol G’s music, but above all by doing an act that for many was rude and disrespectful.

The Mexican singer, who was a jury member of the renowned reality musical The voice Kidswas on the program ‘The podcast + request’ for an invitationand there the presenter proposed a game that at the time was considered fun.

The activity consisted of ensuring whether some albums by different artists were to your liking or not, If they were, he said so, and if not, he had to throw them into a toilet.

“Tomorrow will be nice, Karol GF: Will it stay in your collection?”was the presenter’s question, to which the artist gave an answer that surprised many.

Although he spoke very sincerely when it came to revealing his opinion, the fact that he threw the Colombian’s record into the toilet, It generated hundreds of criticisms and general discomfort among the Colombian population.

Karol G on her ‘Tomorrow will be nice’ tour | Photo: Instagram @karolg

On the other hand, he did keep the albums of Shakira, Zoé, Danna Paola, Taylor Swift and Belanova.

The Mexican singer-songwriter realized that his words and actions could not go over very well with his Colombian audience, so he made a very special request while laughing: “They’re not going to let me down, they’re not going to let me down,” he said.

Karol G was not the only one who received an opinion from the Central American artist, Well, Shakira’s new album also had its respective comment.

“I don’t know if you know that she made this song with Cerati’s name is ‘I don’t know how you can live with so much poison’ and you already saw that you can live with a stream of poison“It’s my way of thinking,” he said.

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