Don’t throw away empty milk cartons: create this practical sanitary wipe holder without spending more

If you are a fan of the world of crafts, we challenge you to take advantage of the weekend to create and bring out your talent with the boxes of milk that you no longer use.

Without spending on expensive decorations, You can save a few pesos and get to work by creating a useful element in your home. What is it about?.

Save the milk cartons and recycle.

In addition to being a nod to the environment by avoiding throwing away the boxes of empty milk, you are going to dedicate yourself to crafts by creating a practical sanitary wipes holder.

Modern, innovative and widely used in the home, You just have to follow the step by step so as not to fail. First of all you must cut the top part of the boxes of recycling.

Cut out the top part of your material and paint with your favorite color.

Next, it is time to cut a rectangle approximately 6.5 centimeters wide by 3 centimeters long on one side of the box.

Once you have managed to cut out this hole, you are going to paint with a white base paint to cover the original labels and colors of the boxes milk.

Make the lid of your towel holder with a lined cardboard, a strip around it and a lid.

Now choose the color of paint with which you are going to make the towel holder and paint. Let it dry well. While you wait for it to dry, take a piece of cardboard and take measurements from the outside of your box and line it. Later, cut a strip and surround it to make a kind of lid for your box.

Take a bottle cap and line it with a jute thread to glue to the top of your cap. Try the lid on your creation and finally highlight the rectangle that you made for your box in one of the first steps when using EVA foam or you can also do it with a marker.

Decorate your creation with flowers or drawings.

To give it a feminine touch, add some foam flowers or you can apply your artistic knowledge and paint drawings or abstract figures. Finally, fill them with the wipes and place them in your room or bathroom.

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