Did the ball go in or not? What Martín Demichelis said about River’s disallowed goal against Boca in the Superclásico


The River coach responded bluntly to the great controversy of the Superclásico of the quarterfinals of the 2024 League Cup.

By Luana Viera

04/21/2024 – 18:25hs ART

Martín Demichelis, coach of River Plate, spoke about the controversy of the disallowed goal in the Superclásico (PHOTO: Getty Images)

Martin Demichelis He did not take a second to think about the answer, but he was forceful in answering if the goal disallowed against River after the referee team considered that the ball that hit Cristian Lema and went against him gave the team a 2-1 lead. River against Boca in the Superclásico of the 2024 League Cup, was sanctioned well or badly.

“For you, did Colidio’s ball go in?”they asked the River coach in the conference after the defeat, to which Martín Demichelis answered: “No, no, I don’t know, I didn’t even see it.”. And she said no more.

The goal disallowed against River in the Superclásico against Boca for the 2024 League Cup: what the referees said

The journalist Germán García Grova announced that the explanation of the referee team headed by Yael Falcón Pérez on the field and Jorge Baliño in the Var, of the goal disallowed against River by considering that the ball that hit Cristian Lema and went against his own fence did not cross The line in full was: “We saw frame by frame, that’s why it took us so long, but In no shot did we perceive that the entire ball went in and that is why we did not score the goal.”.

Martín Demichelis explained why he went to look for the Superclásico referee after River’s defeat against Boca

The River coach acknowledged that he went directly to the referees’ locker room after losing to Boca and the Millonario’s goal was disallowed at the request of the VAR. Martín Demichelis’s explanation of why he went to look for Yael Falcón Pérez was surprising: “I never spoke about the referees and I will never speak, I went as a matter of apology because at the end of the game any of the boys could have said and I simply went to apologize “Yes, someone had said it and they told me no, that everything was fine, I wanted to stay calm and for them to know how to understand the emotions of a player when they lose a game.”

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