It takes two players 1000 hours to create their own RPG game within a survival title, FREE and with 12 classes, NPCs, bosses, missions and more

In a rather peculiar feat, two Valheim players, a sandbox and survival type title, joined forces to create a complete RPG game immersed within the popular title. For three months, they invested more than a thousand hours in this ambitious initiative, developing stories, enemy bosses and unique locations, using Valheim’s construction tools.

As they commented in a video where they delve into this project, the players with nickname Ninebyte and Dhakhar say that they spent the first week “gathering and modifying existing structures on the edges of the game map, creating a cemetery of constructions that would serve as a base for the rest of the work.” And from there, they built five main cities that, according to them, “would eventually connect everything with a history and tradition of its own.”

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Then, they set about filling the empty spaces with points of interest, paths that linked the areas, and battle arenas to host battles with custom enemies of greater difficulty. The RPG created by Ninebyte and Dhakhar also offers 12 playable classes, inspired by the Legends mod, including classic options such as berserker, mage and shaman.

Once the initial structure was finalized, the team focused on improving the paths, optimizing the code, populating the cities with mysterious quest-granting NPCs, and developing the narrative that connected everything. They even “revisited all of the game’s default loot items and placed them” throughout the map as quest rewards and other items, thus replicating the expected features of a traditional RPG. If you are curious to experience the creation of this duo, the beta version 1.0 is now available for free on the Discord server that they manage themselves, and enter the “Free-World-Dowloads” section that appears in their latest publication where to download the map “” and the instructions to make it work.

New Valheim update is much more than a new biome and allows you to play with a necromancer

At the end of 2023, Valheim Mistlands was released, which before its arrival, PC Gamer was able to try praising the work done by Iron Gate Studio, saying that “the update is packed with exciting features, and not just things you would expect, like new monsters , weapons and settings.”

Phrase full of emotion from Christopher Livingston, editor of this medium, who assures that it is because there is also a completely new game system that “will excite the players a lot, a new and interesting type of NPC, several creation stations unusual and much more.” Excitement that is also generated thanks to the fact that a system with elemental and blood magic reaches the world of Valheim. Livingston assures that although there has always been magic in the world of Valheim, now you can use it directly and you can even play with a necromancer in the game.


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