Geonel Gutiérrez tied up the Horses

Geonel Gutiérrez tied up the Horses
Geonel Gutiérrez tied up the Horses
PHOTO Ibrahín Sánchez Carrillo

The Alazanes could not decipher Geonel Gutiérrez’s shipments today and fell 3×1, at the 26 de Julio stadium, at the Artemisa venue, as the eighth individual duels of the 63rd National Baseball Series began today.

Four hits and one run – driven in by Guillermo Avilés – were all the offensive expenditure of the Granma team against the left-handed Artemiseño, who was dominant for seven innings of work.

Gutiérrez (4-1) also struck out nine and enjoyed good control, with a walk and a hit, to record his fourth win of the campaign; Meanwhile, Israel Sánchez scored the third save of the match.

The reliever threw two solid innings without allowing hits and the only shadow in his performance fell on the justified free walk he gave to Alfredo Despaigne, after getting the first two outs of the eighth inning.

From the opposite side, the also left-handed Yunier Castillo (3-3) achieved a quality opening, despite his third defeat in the championship; Like Geonel, he threw seven innings, but accepted a couple of lines, which – in the end – decided the match.

The best fire extinguisher of the Granma staff so far in the tournament, Juan Danilo Pérez, admitted the third mark that widened the difference in favor of the Cazadores and rounded out the final score.

Meanwhile, the second baseman of Guantanamo origin, Yoelkis Baró, had a perfect afternoon and led the attack of the winners, with three singles and a couple of RBIs.

For the Alazanes, Despaigne (2-2) stood out, who received two walks, to assume the sole leadership of that box (37), and first baseman Avilés, with the aforementioned tow rocket.

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