Columbia: Police raid and arrest students

Columbia: Police raid and arrest students
Columbia: Police raid and arrest students

The New York police stormed the Columbia University building on Tuesday night occupied hours before by pro- students in an eviction operation that resulted in dozens of arrests.

The police used a crane to enter the building from the second floor as the students had set up barricades at the main entrances.

The students did not offer resistance and were detained one by one and then taken to police stations in several buses, according to the The New York Times.

Image of the agents entering the building. Photo: EFE

The building, called Hamilton Hallhad been occupied last midnight by Columbia university students, the epicenter of student protests in the United States against Israel’s war in Gaza.

Hamilton Hall has great symbolic value as it was also occupied in 1968 by the students who at that time were protesting against the Vietnam War.

The University said in a statement that after learning of the occupation of the building, they made the decision that the protest had become the responsibility of the Police.

“We regret that the protesters have chosen to aggravate the situation through their actions. After the University learned overnight that Hamilton Hall had been occupied, vandalized and blocked, we had no other option“he assured.

The university protests are causing a significant stir in the United States and there is great political pressure to put an end to a movement that questions Washington’s unconditional support for the Government of Israel.

The White House itself reacted to the occupation of the building at the prestigious New York university: “Taking buildings by force is not peaceful; it is wrong”noted one of its spokespersons, Andrew Bates in statements to the chain NPR.

The Republicans, for their part, had requested the intervention of the National Guard.

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