Quillón’s DT takes with humor against Colo Colo in the Chile Cup

Colegio Quillón will be Colo Colo’s next rival in the round of 16 of the Chile Cup. The southern team qualified for the regional stage after winning the overall victory against Constitución Unidos. The first match between both clubs of the Third Division A was a victory for the reds by four to three, while the result of the return duel ended with a one-to-one tie.

Great happiness is what was experienced in the Colegio Quillón squad, who celebrated their classification and the key that will face them with Colo Colo in the Chile Cup. The historic national coach Yuri Fernández led the red team to qualification and took the time to show his happiness for the goal achieved.

In the first instance, during the broadcast of the match through Deportes sin Barreras’ Facebook, the crossing they will have against Colo Colo was taken with humor. “Who is Colo Colo? (laughs)”the strategist began by pointing out in a joking tone, generating laughter in him and the interviewer.

On the other hand, the strategist, now more cold and with the professionalism that characterizes the sports field, expressed that the classification of Colegio Quillón passes “Firstly because we chose a group of players in which we did not make mistakes. We can lose, draw or win, but above all without giving up what it means to dignify football.”.

Quillón School celebrating its classification in the Chile Cup. (Photo: clubdeportesquillon)

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What it means to face Colo Colo

Beyond obtaining the classification, the coach takes with great respect the match that they will encourage with Colo Colo in the Chile Cup. “Colo Colo is going to have to keep our feet more on the ground because not only are we going to face one of the greats of Chile and South America, they have extraordinary players. Colo Colo is a great team”he began pointing.

Additionally, the technician highlighted that “So we have to be worthy rivals because I don’t want to think if we play ten games, I said a little while ago, the most likely thing is that they will beat us in eight. But who tells us that in one of those that we are going to play, which may be the only one, we cannot make a good presentation and win it. “I don’t give up on that.”.

He knows how to face professional clubs in the Chile Cup

Yuri Fernández, in 2022, faced Ñublense in the Chile Cup when he was coach of Independiente de Cauquenes at that time. The red dragons gave one of the surprises in the first leg where they defeated those from Chillán two to one at the Nelson Oyarzún.

However, in the second leg they fell one to zero, leading the classification to be decided by penalty kicks. It was there where, unfortunately for them, they could not be precise and Independiente de Cauquenes ended up being eliminated.

When is the Colo Colo vs Colegio Quillón key played in the Chile Cup?

There is still no confirmation of the schedule for the round of 16 duels of the regional phases in the Chile Cup. However, it is estimated that these matches, which will be played as a single duel, will be played during the weekend of June 14, 15 and 16.

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