The PROMISE that the Talleres de Escalada players fulfilled after eliminating from the Argentine Cup

Climbing Remedies Workshops beat 2-1 and eliminated him from the 16th of the Argentine Cup thanks to the goals of Fernando Duré and Diogo Guzman, who converted in an agonizing way at the end of the match. Once the game was over, and amid the celebrations of their teammates, two Red players kept a promise.

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Ciro Campuzano and Agustín Campana They walked on their knees across the playing field of the Centenario stadium in Quilmes. “It’s a dream for us“, expressed the forward who entered in the second half in front of the camera. TyC , which showed the footballers fulfilling their promise.

The promise of the Talleres de Escalada players after beating Racing in the Argentine Cup. (Video: TyC Sports).

The historic triumph of Talleres over Racing

Duré He opened the scoring six minutes into the game. The Academy controlled the match but never managed to create danger to tie until it appeared Maximiliano Salas at 67′ with a strong shot from outside the area. El Rojo suffered the expulsion of Sebastián Benega towards the end and everything indicated that the match was going to be decided on penalties, but the goal came Guzmán to unleash the delirium of all the fans.

Talleres de Escalada surprised Racing and beat them 1-0 for the Argentine Cup. (Video: TyC Sports)

racing goal climbing workshops

Maximiliano Salas made it 1-1 for Racing’s draw against Talleres de Remedios de Escalada in the Argentine Cup. (Video: TyC Sports)

goal of climbing workshops

Cambeses gave a long rebound for Talleres de Remedios de Escalada’s second goal. (Video: TyC Sports)

The path of Climbing Workshops in the Argentine Cup

The team fights in the last positions of Zone A of the First National with 14 points, four more than Tristán Suárez who, for now, is the team that would lose the category. But in the Argentine Cup the reality is very different: in the 32nd round they eliminated Instituto 2-1 and in the next phase, Racing was eliminated by the same result.. The Albirrojo team will play in the round of 16, their best performance in all their participations, against another First Division team: they will face the winner of the match between Banfield and Independiente Rivadavia.

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