The unexpected reaction of the Spanish minister after accusing Javier Milei of ingesting substances

After the growing bilateral tension between Spain and Argentina, Oscar Puentethe Spanish Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility He acknowledged his “mistake” by accusing President Javier of “ingesting substances” at a congress.

“If I had had the slightest notion, and this is perhaps my big mistake, that it was going to have the dissemination and impact that it has had, I wouldn’t have said what I said“said the official when asked if he regretted his statements at a meeting of the Council of Ministers.

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Although he considered that the topic was “overacted”, Puente expressed regret and trusts that, beyond the “vicissitudes” that the relations between the governments of Argentina and Spain are going through, “they will continue to be good, positive and collaborative relations.”

As a result of the controversy, Pedro Sánchez’s minister stressed that his speech was given within the framework of a conference held at a university with an audience of 200 people. “I said what I said, I was not aware at that moment of the impact it could have,” he remarked. Furthermore, he insisted that, towards the end of that talk, he highlighted Milei’s “authenticity” by saying that “it is a value that citizens appreciate.”

What the Spanish minister said about Milei and the Government’s response

The controversy began at a meeting on communication and social networks that took place at the University of Salamanca, when the Spanish Minister of Transport, Óscar Puente, he targeted the Argentine president in his speech: “There are very bad people who, being themselves, have reached the top. Milei, for example.”

The moment when Óscar Puente accused Milei of “ingesting substances.”

Then, he stated that he had seen the leader of La Libertad Avanza on television while he was in the middle of the electoral campaign. “prior to ingestion or after ingestion of who knows what substances”.

In this context, quickly, from the Office of the President They expressed “repudiation of the slander and insults formulated by the Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility of Spain, Óscar Puente, against Javier Milei.” And they expanded: “Pedro Sánchez’s government has more important problems to deal with, such as the corruption accusations leveled against his wife, an issue that even led him to evaluate his resignation.”

In another part of the statement, it was mentioned that “for the good of the Kingdom of Spain, we hope that Justice acts quickly to clarify such a corruption scandal that directly affects the stability of your Nation and, consequently, the relations with our country.”

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“Pedro Sánchez has endangered the unity of the Kingdom, pacting with separatists and leading to the dissolution of Spain; has put Spanish women at risk by allowing the illegal immigration of those who threaten their physical integrity; and has endangered the middle class with its socialist policies that only bring poverty and death,” they expressed from the ruling party.

Finally, the text published on the social networks of the Government of Javier Milei concluded that “Argentines we choose to change the model that brought us misery and decadence, the same model that the Spanish Socialist Workers Party applies in its country.”

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