Pablo Lunati’s harsh criticism of the referee who directed River in the Copa Libertadores

The former Argentine referee was very harsh with Anderson Daronco, the Brazilian judge who did not expel two Nacional players on Tuesday night for the Copa Libertadores.

By The Millionaire Page

05/08/2024 – 17:36hs ART

© ArchiveLunati was very harsh with the Brazilian Anderson Daronco

By The Millionaire Page

The refereeing performance of Brazilian Anderson Daronco left a lot to be desired in what was River’s last presentation against Nacional, on Tuesday night for the Copa Libertadores. The judge in a very controversial way and not even with the support of the VAR decided not to expel any Uruguayan playerafter a treacherous kick against Aliendro and a strong slap in the face against Paulo Díaz.

In the last few hours, former referee Pablo Lunati spoke out on the matter, offering total criticism of Daronco and everything that happened in Uruguayan lands. “Embarrassing, biased and suspicious arbitration by Anderson Daronco“were his first effusive words about what happened in a video published by Bolavip.

Then Lunati was more explicit regarding some history that this referee had directing River in the Libertadores. “Don’t tell me that in 2018 against Independiente at the Monumental they didn’t give River a penalty, because here, against Nacional in Uruguay, I was watching it on TV. Nacional should have had three expelled players, but it had none“.

The other precedent that Lunati explained about Brazilian referees against River

“It reminded me of that time against Vélez in the quarterfinals when the Chilean referee Roberto Tobar, with a Brazilian VAR, left River out of Libertadores 2022. You have to be very aware of what is happening, be careful with the Brazilian referees in the Cup“Lunati closed about what happened.

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