Cuba celebrates its Son Day

Cuba celebrates its Son Day
Cuba celebrates its Son Day

Havana, May 8. – With the joy that comes from dancing a distinctive genre par excellence of this Caribbean nation worldwide, the Cuban Son Day.

This celebration that takes place every May 8 was an initiative promoted by the remembered teacher and musician Adalberto Álvarez (1948-2021) since 2019, to honor two iconic soneros born on this day on this island: Miguel Matamoros in 1894 and Miguelito Cuní in 1917.

Adalberto also expressed that the anniversary is a tribute to this musical-dance expression and to the musical legacy of so many exponents who have left their mark on the national and global music scene.

Sindo Garay, Benny Moré, Adalberto Álvarez, Compay Segundo, Arsenio Rodríguez, Pacho Alonso, Eliades Ochoa, and many more respectable cultists have given glory to this genre that today holds the status of Intangible Heritage of the Nation.

In an interview, maestro Adalberto (recognized as the Knight of Son) expressed that “since son is the father of all dance music rhythms, I believe that by its own right it should be Intangible Heritage of Humanity.”

And the Cuban son is an identity and culture, not only of the island, but of Latin America and the world due to the great influence it has had on the musical future and on the dancers themselves, according to specialists.

As the great Ignacio Piñeiro said in the 1920s: “The son is the most sublime thing for the soul to entertain.”

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