Save money with these Target discount codes for May

Target announced that you can save money through its discount codes for the current month of May.

Perhaps, this is not the cheapest chain if we compare it with other similar ones such as Costco or Walmart. However, it does always present a wide variety of products in each department.

Discount codes for May

Initially you can enjoy discounts of up to 50% to buy food, clothing, electronics and more. click here and discover all the offers that Target now offers you.

Target is also offering exclusive discounts for US students. You just need to create or sign in to a Target account.

Then, join Target Circle for free. Finally, verify your student status by carrying some identification with which you can prove it.

Additionally, take advantage of up to $50.00 USD off orders over that amount if you pay with a Target Circle card.

It’s easy to do, sign up for a Target Circle credit, debit, or reloadable card to get $50.00 off qualified future orders over that amount after approval.

If you want Apple products, at Target you can have discounts of up to $100.00 USD. Included are iPhones, AirPods, cases, keyboards, chargers, cables, iPads, iWatches and EarPods.

Target, too, offers $5.00 USD when you purchase beauty products. You can select soaps, blushes, bronzers, chia seeds, collagens, concealers, dry shampoos, energy drinks, eye creams, facial masks, among other products.

As if that were not enough, there is a 50% discount on clothing and accessories. There is availability of jewelry, dresses, swimsuits, socks, bras, underwear, girdles, pants, hair clips, sleepwear, headbands, sweaters and blankets.

Lastly, Target is offering 50% off kitchen and dining room items. Coffee makers, fryers, coffee makers and zipper closures are included.

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