why Atlético Tucumán’s goal was annulled

why Atlético Tucumán’s goal was annulled
why Atlético Tucumán’s goal was annulled

Atlético Tucumán He surprised Boca quickly: after four minutes he took the lead with a goal from Tesuri, however the VAR called and referee Pablo Echavarría ended up nullifying the Dean’s advantage. Because?

Mateo Coronel He jumped to head a ball that was raining over the area and the reaction of Chiquito Romero with the slap it was imperfect, leaving the ball a few meters away. Immediately afterwards, Renzo Tesuri pushed for the goal, but the referee had to approach the monitor to see the play again on the recommendation of the VAR, in charge of Germán Delfino.

There Echavarría considered that Coronel, who had been in an advanced position after the initial header, obstructed the vision and prevented Boca’s Romero from reacting in the second play. That’s why he charged offside and disallowed the goal. A while later, at 29 minutes, Coronel had his revenge and scored: the VAR called again, this time the goal was validated by a few centimeters.

The VAR annulled Atlético Tucumán’s goal against Boca.
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