the SECRET TRICK to READ DELETED MESSAGES without anyone knowing

We tell you how you can read deleted WhatsApp messages that someone sent you and later deleted. To do this we are going to use two methods: without installing anything and with a specific application.

In WhatsApp it is possible to delete messages for everyone, which disappear from the mobile phones of the sender and those who received it. When this happensin WhatsApp you will see the text “This message was deleted” and you will not be able to know what it said… or that’s what you think.

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When someone deletes a message for everyone, the notification also disappears, but you can still recover their text, in some cases, through them.

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How is the trick to read deleted WhatsApp messages

The trick is that Android has a notification history, where a record of all the notifications that have reached the mobile is kept. The problem is that this history may or may not be active, and sometimes the Android layer does not include the notification history.

In the history you will be able to see the latest notifications, although if the message was deleted a long time ago, then you will have to scroll down until you find the deleted message. A good trick is to look at the time of the deleted message, to be able to find which notification it corresponds to.

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