How to try GPT-4o for free from ChatGPT

Yesterday OpenAI revolutionized the Internet and the artificial intelligence sector. Their event promised to be interesting and managed to leave everyone with their mouths open thanks to the arrival of GPT-4o. This new AI is not only more capable when interacting with text, it has also incredibly advanced in audio and image compression.

And the company has achieved what it had been looking for for a long time: a sublime interaction between technology and humans. In fact, OpenAI has not only shown how they use GPT-4o in everyday tasks, it has also announced that It is now available to all users in the world.

It’s more, To try GPT-4o you don’t even have to pay. The company wanted to deploy its most powerful tool to date for everyone, without exceptions. Now, not all the new features shown at the event are available, since things like the interaction with audio or the Mac app must wait a few weeks.

How to use GPT-4o for free on ChatGPT

What is available from this moment is the new GPT-4o text and image interaction. The company wanted to make it easy for all users by deploying the new AI in ChatGPT. You don’t have to do anything strange, just enter the chatbot and start using it. And you can do it from the web or the iOS and Android apps.

The rollout began yesterday and should be available in much of the world. How do you know if you are trying it? In the upper left area ‘GPT-4o‘. If ‘GPT-3.5’ appears it means you do not have access at that time.

OpenAI is prioritizing ‘Plus’ and ‘Team’ version customers, who are your paying users. It is expected that during the first days the demand for the service will be very high, so ChatGPT free visitors must wait or try from time to time to be able to access GPT-4o.

In fact, it was OpenAI itself that confirmed that GPT-4o is now available in the free version and paid, but that the deployment may be gradual and somewhat slower than expected. If you still don’t have access, don’t worry, it’s a matter of time.

And if you’re in a hurry, you can always check out ChatGPT Plus, which will give you access to GPT-4 and the new GPT-4 features for free. 22.99 euros per month. OpenAI has also announced that paying users will get a 5x higher message limit for ‘Plus’ and much more for ‘Team’ and ‘Enterprise’.

Picture of @anibaltrejo

This is the new ChatGPT

In addition, OpenAI has commented that as the weeks go by ChatGPT will integrate GPT-4o massively, which will improve its free tool that until now took advantage of GPT-3.5. The company has listed a series of general improvements that will be here to stay.

  • Access to intelligence and understanding of GPT-4
  • Ability to receive responses from the language model and web results
  • Analyze data and create graphs
  • Upload files to create summaries and analyze their content
  • Chat about the images you take or upload
  • Access to custom versions of ChatGPT
  • Access to the ChatGPT store
  • Use ‘Memory’ to have a record of the topics you have discussed with ChatGPT

Of course, to all these new features we must add the speed that the new model has gained and its advanced understanding of speech, text and images.

GPT-4o’s voice will come later

Now, all those videos in which OpenAI employees interact with AI in live voice and video format are a thing of the future. The good news is that it will take incredibly little time to arrive. The company has announced that will release an alpha model for ChatGPT Plus users in the coming weeks.

This voice mode will allow you to do things as incredible as frame anything with your mobile camera and start chatting about it. In fact, what OpenAI has achieved is so incredible that it is difficult to describe it in words. Here are a couple of videos of what’s coming.

YouTube videoYouTube video

YouTube videoYouTube video

The app for MacOS is already underway

To top off the move, OpenAI has presented a ChatGPT app for MacOS which includes all the news related to GPT-4o. This app is capable of integrate with the contents displayed on the screen of the device and interact with them so that the user can ask questions or issues with extreme ease.

ChatGPT Plus users can now download and enjoy it, although the company has confirmed that It will also be available completely free later.

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