The strong question that Alberto Gamero answered, after elimination in the Libertadores

Millionaires sentenced their elimination from the Copa Libertadores, after drawing against Palestino on matchday 5 at the Nemesio Camacho El Campín stadium, which is why their fans are very disappointed, since they were very excited to make a worthy presentation, but given the poor performance done, many are calling for drastic changes to the team.

One of the most targeted is the coach Alberto Gameroa coach who, as the weeks go by and with each game that passes and the team does not play well, continues to lose support from the fans, so much so that a good number of them ask for his departure, given the constant failures in continental competitions.

Alberto Gamero’s response

One of the topics that the fans have criticized the coach the most Gameris not having demanded category reinforcements from the leadership, which is why at the press conference, after the elimination, they reminded him of the words he said at the beginning of the year 2024, where he asked the fans to “They believe in the team and the players it has”this in response to the claims of many fans who, before the season began, demanded better hires.

Well, when asked if he still believed in the squad that was formed for the Liberators, Gamer answered: “I still believe what I said at the beginning of the year. It’s just that we have had the biggest inconveniences. In February or March, in my head, the number of injuries we have had did not occur to me. We have had difficulties and more in the way of putting together the roster, today we did not have the two forwards. The group, I don’t remember a game if we had it complete, but we realize that with this roster, today we played a game that we could have won.”.

Alberto Gamero, coach of Millonarios, against La Equidad for date 10 of the BetPlay DIMAYOR I League 2024. Photo: VizzorImage / Andrés Rot.

Alberto Gamero apologized to the fans

The Samario coach also referred to the discomfort and disappointment that the fans felt, which is why he sent them a message, in which he apologized for what was done in the Copa Libertadores, but he also stressed that the only thing left is to continue. working and enduring the questions about what was done at the continental level.

“A negative balance. That can’t be hidden. We played some games that were suddenly bad, you could say bad, there were others where we did better things and it wasn’t enough for us, but this is negative, we have to be strong in this. “Apologies to the fans who came to accompany us today because we let an opportunity go and we have to work.”said Albert.

Survey Should Alberto Gamero continue in Millonarios?

Should Alberto Gamero continue in Millonarios?


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