The possible formation of Racing to receive Coquimbo

“It seems that Gago has returned. Costas mixed everything in practice,” they told Racing de Alma from the club, in relation to the mix he put together between supposed starters and substitutes. In any case, in the balance, some indications emerged of what Racing’s formation could be to receive Coquimbo Unidos from Chile this Thursday, in the Cilindro, for the fifth date of Group H of the Copa Sudamericana. Something seems almost confirmed: the scheme at the Academy. And furthermore, despite his great performance against Belgrano in the 4-4, Johan Carbonero is a doubt. While Bruno Zuculini would continue on the substitutes’ bench.

After several modifications during the tactical tasks at the Academy, the coach ended up putting these 11 in the lineup that would be closest to the chosen one: Gabriel Arias Facundo Mura, Marco Di Cesare, Agustín García Basso, Gabriel Rojas; Agustín Almendra, Juan Nardoni, Baltasar Luis Rodríguez; Maximiliano Salas, Adrián Martínez and Santiago Solari.

The tactical system chosen by Costas in the Racing formation to receive Coquimbo

From this it follows, first of all, that Costas would have decided to reiterate the 4-3-3 with which he started the crossing with the Pirate, although he quickly modified it when Santiago Sosa went down from the middle to the role of libero. Regarding Sosa, he was in the tactician for part of it and did not participate in the ball kick at the Academy. Perhaps as a precaution after the stitches he received in his head for the injury he suffered in a collision with Facundo Cambeses. Unless they don’t want to risk him because of that blow, by level it would be very striking for him to be left out of the team. He comes from being one of the best in the Academy in Córdoba, both at 5 and at the bottom. In the event that the former River does not play, Almendra or Nardoni will do so.

Nardoni was in the Racing formation prior to this Thursday’s match against Coquimbo Kingdom. Photo: @racingclub

And Carbonero? Another one who had a very good production against Belgrano. With constant imbalance on the left, he rediscovered his best version. However, there is the chance that he goes to the bank. Solari should not be ruled out starter, perhaps due to its greater recoil contraction to aid recovery in the Academy. It is possible that Costas will think of him as a good option when entering the final part to hurt a tired defense.

Racing training Coquimbo
The 25 players named by Costas to receive Coquimbo. Via @racingclub

Is Zucu still as a substitute?

On the other hand, Bruno Zuculini would continue on the bench, as he did in Córdoba after several entry matches at the Academy. If the team with which Costas finished this Wednesday’s practice were repeated, there would be eight variants with respect to the unusual tie with the Pirate. They would enter Arias for Cambeses, Mura for Martirena, Di Cesare for Sigali, García Basso for Colombo, Almendra for Sosa, Salas for Carbonero, Maravilla Martínez for Roger Martínez and Solari for Urzi.

At the last minute Costas had to leave Ignacio Galván, who suffered a trauma to his right ankle during training at the Academy. Juanfer Quintero and Germán Conti will also be absent again. The Colombian is recovering from a strain in his right adductor. And the defender, from a tear in the femoral biceps of his right leg, respectively.

Cover photo: @racingclub

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