Mauricio Macri takes over and takes the pen away from Patricia Bullrich

Mauricio Macri takes over and takes the pen away from Patricia Bullrich
Mauricio Macri takes over and takes the pen away from Patricia Bullrich

Mauricio Macri will assume the presidency of the PRO at 3:00 p.m. in a virtual event. Cold war with Patricia Bullrich over the 2025 electoral campaign with Javier Milei.


Mauricio Macri Today at 3:00 p.m. he will assume the presidency of the National Council of the PRO in view of the electoral assembly of the yellow party for 2025. The former president will participate in a zoom where he will also appoint Facundo Perez Carletti from Santiago as general secretary, and José Torello as representatives. , Santiago Alberi, and Gabino Tapia, current Minister of Justice of CABA.

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Macri thus ensures the minimum conditions to control the party’s signature for the definition of candidates and electoral assembly of the legislative elections of 2025. The cold war with Patricia Bullrich also deepens due to the political dialogue with Javier Milei, not only because of charges in the national cabinet but also for the possibility of coming together on an electoral front with La Libertad Avanza.

Patricia Bullrich would remain president of the PRO Assembly, the body in charge of defining the electoral alliances where Macrismo would have a majority over the current Minister of National Security. With Mauricio Macri already assumed head of the party, there is still no date for Bullrich’s appointment and close to the former president they put that definition on hold.

Mauricio Macri candidate?

Faced with the landing of La Libertad Avanza in the City of Buenos Aires, the germinal district of the PRO, the former president does not rule out the possibility of presenting himself as a candidate for national senator for the Federal Capital, a district where Bullrich also plans to land to dispute the leadership of the party in an eventual agreement with Javier Milei.

Although Patricia Bullrich is the main political interlocutor of the PRO within the national government, now Mauricio Macri will have control of the pen for putting together lists. However, the leadership is diffuse in the spectrum of the yellow party and the PRO governors move with autonomy against both Macri and Bullrich. They administer the vote of the deputies and senators of their provinces independently of the movements of the former president and Milei’s minister, in addition to rehearsing the incipient assembly of a league of opposition governors that includes Peronism.

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