Latin American companies highlight their results together with Huawei (+Photo)

Latin American companies highlight their results together with Huawei (+Photo)
Latin American companies highlight their results together with Huawei (+Photo)

In dialogue with Prensa Latina, the representative of the Brazilian MV, the largest medical consultancy in the region, Andrey Abreu, explained the impact of this project with Huawei Cloud to improve informatization businesses, despite the short time of bilateral association.

“In the health sector, cybersecurity is very important, with Huawei Cloud we have found good solutions together and it is also a flexible company in the market, this is very good,” he commented.

According to Abreu, both parties are currently working on the creation of an innovation center that will benefit the more than 1,600 hospitals in Brazil that are MV clients.

For its part, the Colombian consulting firm Atento migrated part of its operations in some countries to the Huawei cloud due to the results in optimizing resources and improving capabilities.

In statements to Prensa Latina, Mario Fernando Rojas, head of global architecture for this company, praised the security of the Chinese company’s cloud services.

“We have seen a considerable improvement at the cost level, it allows us to grow without sacrificing performance, it covers all layers at the security level, it is what the world of BPO (Business Transformation Outsourcing) is looking for today,” he added.

This term refers to the practice of outsourcing business processes and functions with the aim of transforming the way a company operates and implies a deeper collaboration between the contracting party and the external service provider.

According to Fernando Rojas, Atento is ready to deepen the partnership with Huawei Cloud, an ally that, according to him, is growing very quickly in Latin .

More than 200 business and technology experts and leaders from that region and are participating here in the Compass 2024 event under the theme “Unlocking New Growth, Reimagining New Possibilities.”

During the inauguration, Daniel Zhou, president of Huawei for Latin America, highlighted the company’s commitment to supporting the digital transformation of local companies.

In fact, Huawei Cloud grew with more than seven thousand clients last year and was ranked in the top three in the Latin American region among competitors offering similar services.


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