The Network pointed out who it is

The Network pointed out who it is
The Network pointed out who it is


May 18, 2024 – 5:02 pm

Just as Diana Ángel uncovered a striking rule from ‘The House of the Famous’, another Colombian television figure put on the table a hitherto unknown situation.

Vicky Rueda told ‘La red’, which replicated the interview on YouTube, details of her personal life in which she pointed out a colleague of hers for alleged infidelity with her husband.

The woman who shone in multiple productions came to that revelation by telling why she did not appear on the small screen in Colombia again, even though she was a recognized figure in the past.

What happened to Vicky Rueda on Colombian television?

“10 years ago I decided to transcend my life as an actress within physical actions outside, I decided to leave the studio. I noticed that the winds were not in my favor in the last production and that saturated me quite a bit, it created a mental fatigue that was very inappropriate for that moment,” the artist explained.

The 50-year-old from Valle del Cauca indicated that at that time acting in Colombia she was breastfeeding her daughter, but she brought up an episode in which she put the spotlight on the attitude of one of her set colleagues.

“There was a particular classmate who was always fighting over the color of the clothes I wore and she was vicious, truly vicious like a boa constrictor. That began to cause discomfort even with my manager because at that time I did not understand that I was under harassment, under ‘bullying’, under systematic and also quite Machiavellian harassment,” he said and added: “I thought that in that novel we were going backwards like the crab, with that symptom of toxicity, of ‘bullying’ and of feeling like I was working with a social psychopath.”

Without offering a reference to her colleague, she assured that the woman in question interrupted her concentration by singing her compositions in “hurt screams” and other noisy acts that Rueda described as bullying. The truth is that the matter went further.

Who was Vicky Rueda’s husband?

Carlos Mariño, actor and ex-husband of the actress, ended up involved in the story, since she indicated that her partner was part of the infidelity of her daughter’s father while they were working on a television production.

“I don’t say the name because I believe that you can investigate this person that I have known for 20 years. No more than I realized that she had been my husband’s lover while being in the same novel. Later my daughter tells me that there are photos of her in her underwear with the next wife my daughter’s father had. So she doesn’t get tired,” she said.

Rueda targeted that woman, whom he questioned for that behavior. In fact, he clarified that, despite controversies in the past, it is not about the Colombian actress Mónica Pardo.

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Which actress was the lover of Vicky Rueda’s husband, Carlos Mariño?

Although the identity of the famous woman is not known, ‘La red’ gave a key clue to the name of the Colombian artist who, according to Rueda’s version, was Mariño’s lover when he was married to the Valle del Cauca woman.

“It would be very easy for us to identify the character because according to her, who did not say it on camera, she is a woman she has known for more than 20 years, who in addition to being an actress is a singer, who is also a composer, who worked on that last production with her husband and that she did get involved with him, which is not at all like your interview with Mónica Pardo. I can only tell you, so that you can draw conclusions or if you can, so that you can investigate later, is that the initials of her name begin, as the citizenship card says, in cc,” stated Carlos Giraldo.

Although Pulzo avoids referring to any figure in question, users in the video published by the Caracol Televisión magazine on YouTube have reached conclusions about who would be the renowned actress and musical composer who would have been involved with Rueda’s ex-partner.

In fact, the aforementioned presenter of ‘The Network’ said that the woman from Valle del Cauca is seeking legal advice to know how to act in this case and to know if she can later identify the woman and other people mentioned in her story.

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