With the cold came the flu: 3 plants that will be your best allies at home due to their high medicinal powers

With autumn and the approaching arrival of winter, viruses and bacteria proliferate. It is a time when allergies abound and sometimes the immune system tends to become depressed. We have to take precautions to avoid getting sick and for our body to get the defenses it needs.

One of the great pieces of advice from most professionals is to take plenty of Vitamin C, this comes from citrus fruits although it can also be supplemented. Likewise, it is always better to appeal to what is natural, you would be surprised to know how many floors There are those that can help you.

Mint is one of the best medicinal plants.

The best thing is to learn to heal ourselves with floors medicinal. Most of the species that are most useful are aromatic and we can all have them at home. Gardening and botanical experts know very well which is the best list to recommend to you. You can consume them in an infusion or even inhaling the steam that comes out when boiling them.

Rosemary also cures the flu.

One of the species that will help you is undoubtedly mint. It will help you expel mucus when you are sick, as well as unclog your respiratory tract, all thanks to properties such as Menthol. This plant grows and reproduces very easily and can be used to cure the flu if you take it as an infusion.

The second on the list of floors medicinal is rosemary, it is widely used in cooking although few people know that you can infuse it and also use it for seasonal illnesses. It has the advantage that it calms cough, reduces fever; It belongs to the sage family.

Oregano has anti-inflammatory power.

The third is another widely used in cooking, oregano. It is one of the oldest and most effective home remedies in the world. It is a fever-reducing, analgesic and also anti-inflammatory plant, which will help reduce the inflammation in the throat that occurs due to coughing.

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