Water rationing in Bogotá consumption and reservoir data May 19

The third water rationing shift of the fifth cycle that ended at 8:00 am this Monday, May 20, according to a report from the Bogotá Aqueduct and Sewer Company (EAAB), presented a consumption of 15.86 m3/s.

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The level of the Chingaza System reservoirs went from 24.43% (May 18) to 24.7% with the cutoff on May 19. We must continue on this path to reach the goal of 75% by December.

Mayor Carlos Fernando Galán explained through his account on the social network X that we must continue saving water, despite the slight increase due to rain. The trend in reservoir levels is positive. Yesterday the Chingaza System reached 24.7%. We must continue along this path to reach the goal of 75% by December and thus be prepared for 2025. A significant part has been due to the rains, but also due to the fact that, even though we have not reached the goal of 15 m³ per second, the city’s average consumption has been reduced by about 1.9 m³ per second.”

He also emphasized: “We must maintain this effort and explore new paths to further reduce this consumption so that we can guarantee the water supply for Bogotá for the remainder of this year and next.”

The District continues to invite citizens to ration water consumption, to change habits and contribute to saving water to guarantee that all citizens in Bogotá and surrounding municipalities have access to this vital liquid.

Below is a graph with the water consumption data in Bogotá for this May 19, 2024:#CloseTheKeyNow and helps contribute to saving water in the city. Remember that it is not about saving water but about consuming less. Help with three-minute showers, avoid washing cars, windows or facades and do not accumulate more water than necessary for the basics.

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We share a post from Mayor Carlos Fernando Galán with more details of the water consumption report from yesterday, May 19, 2024:

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